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McCabe Elected Head of Academic Behavioral Health Consortium

Johns Hopkins Medicine
Media Relations and Public Affairs
Media Contact:  Gary Stephenson
December 19, 2006

McCabe Elected Head of Academic Behavioral Health Consortium

Lee McCabe, Ph.D., director of the Office of Behavioral Health Care at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, has been elected president of the Academic Behavioral Health Consortium (ABHC), an incorporated national network of faculty representing academic departments.

McCabe is an associate professor of psychiatry in the Hopkins School of Medicine, with a joint appointment at the Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He previously served as vice president of ABHC and chair of its Clinical Best Practices Committee.

ABHC’s mission is to advance best practices in clinical, educational and care management programs related to mental health. The organization recently formed a partnership with Mental Health America (formerly, the National Mental Health Association).  The alliance is designed to increase collaboration between scientists and mental health advocates and better integrate research, care and policy decision-making.