Stem cell legislation thank you message

Stem cell legislation thank you message 

May 25, 2005

Dear Colleagues:

We join with patients and scientists throughout the nation in thanking members of the House of Representatives who put aside political differences yesterday to pass the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005.

Their action, reversing the ban on federally funded stem cell research, reflects not only bipartisan support among legislators, but also the hard work of John Gearheart, Curt Civin and many others at Johns Hopkins, including our trustees and faculty such as Debra Matthews of the Berman Bioethics Institute, who have brought the needs of  patients and the determination of the nation's scientific community to the attention of the public and Congress.

Although much is still to be done, this vote is an important step in restoring U.S. leadership in stem cell research and facilitating appropriate conduct of studies.


William R. Brody                           

Edward D. Miller