Statement from JHM leadership celebrates CON approval

February 16, 2005

Statement from JHM leadership celebrates CON approval

Our dream of a new medical campus moved closer to reality today with the Maryland Health Care Commission’s approval of our request for a Certificate of Need for our new Cardiovascular/Critical Care Tower and a Children’s and Maternal Hospital. These two buildings will form the centerpiece of our medical campus redevelopment program.

While much remains to be done to bring our dream to fruition, this Certificate of Need approval marks a major milestone in our progress toward creating a new hospital for a new century. 

We wish to thank the Maryland Health Care Commission for its diligence in reviewing our Certificate of Need application and for recognizing the need for new structures to replace our out of date buildings.  The project involves construction of two new clinical towers housing inpatient nursing units, a replacement emergency department, expanded surgical facilities, and expanded diagnostic treatment facilities and services. The project also involves renovations to existing hospital buildings and demolition of other buildings.  The total cost of this massive undertaking is $577,774,237 and will come from the State, private donors, incremental long term debt and retained earnings.

Currently, Certificates of Need are required in Maryland whenever a health care provider closes a facility, creates a new service or changes services, or seeks rate adjustments from the state Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC). We have received such a rate adjustment to help, in part, pay the long-term debt associated with our campus redevelopment program, the largest in Hopkins’ history. 

We thank  the members of our Certificate of Need workgroup, who worked long and hard to craft our successful Certificate of Need application and rate increase request.  They did a terrific job.

Now, let us all move forward together to build a new and even better Hopkins!


Edward D. Miller, M.D.

 Ronald R. Peterson