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Eileen Vining To Direct Pediatric Epilepsy Program

October 23, 2003

Media Contact: Jessica Collins
(410) 516-4570

Eileen P.G. Vining, M.D., has been named director of the John M. Freeman Pediatric Epilepsy Center at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Professor of neurology and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins, and former associate director of its pediatric epilepsy center, Vining oversees a comprehensive treatment program that incorporates medications, vagal nerve stimulation, diet, and surgical techniques. The center’s “whole child approach” addresses the impact of epilepsy on a child’s cognitive function, language, school performance, behavior, and family.

Vining specializes in the research, management, and treatment of seizure disorders and the administration of the ketogenic diet, a high-fat, exquisitely managed diet proven to reduce or eliminate seizures in children and adolescents. She and her predecessor John M. Freeman, M.D., former director of the pediatric epilepsy center, helped return the diet to medical prominence.

Vining and Freeman, the pediatric epilepsy program’s founder after whom the center was named in May, 2003, have garnered international attention, as well, for their work with children who undergo a hemispherectomy, a radical procedure in which half the brain is removed in an effort to stem intractable seizures.

"Eileen Vining brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience to the directorship of our pediatric epilepsy program," says George Dover, M.D., pediatrician-in-chief at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. "We are extremely fortunate to have a physician of such caliber continue the legacy John Freeman set in motion."

Widely published in the field of pediatric epilepsy, Vining has studied the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet and hemispherectomies. She is  co-author of the resource book “Seizures and Epilepsy in Childhood: A Guide,” now in its third edition.

She has been a member of the departments of neurology and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins since 1976. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1972, she completed her internship and residency in pediatrics at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, before returning to Johns Hopkins in 1974 as a fellow in developmental pediatrics.