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Task Force on Women's Academic Careers in Medicine (TF)

Letter from the Director of the Department of Medicine

Mark E. Anderson

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Department of Medicine (DOM) is proud to be a leader in addressing gender issues. The DOM Task Force on Women’s Academic Careers in Medicine was founded in 1990 as a collaboration between then Department of Medicine Director, Dr. Jack Stobo, and a group of highly engaged women faculty. The purpose of this partnership was to identify barriers faced by women in the DOM and to develop solutions. The early work of the Task Force focused on many issues including mentoring, the promotion process and salary. This effort dramatically changed the climate and trajectory for success for both women and men in the DOM. The impact of the initial interventions by the Task Force and DOM are detailed in a landmark JAMA article entitled, "Career Development for Women in Academic Medicine: Multiple Interventions in a Department of Medicine."

More than twenty-five years later, the number of women faculty and trainees has increased. Women in the DOM continue to advance in rank and in leadership roles, and yet despite these successes and the tremendous work of the Task Force, many women still face barriers to being fully engaged and successful in academic medicine. The Task Force continues to work to address these barriers, and as Department Director I am a proud and supportive partner of the Task Force. The DOM recognizes the value of diversity and remains fully committed to promoting women and creating a climate of gender equity and inclusion. 


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Mark E. Anderson, MD, MPH
William Osler Professor of Medicine
Director, Department of Medicine
Physician-in-Chief, Johns Hopkins Hospital