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Task Force on Women's Academic Careers in Medicine (TF)

Impact: Promoting Change

"I started working on the Task Force as a fellow. At that time it opened my eyes to issues women faculty face which are not obvious to trainees and many around them.  With this awareness, I was able to better navigate the systems within my Division, the Department and the School of Medicine. More importantly, as Chair of the Task Force, I was able to advocate for system wide changes that could help everyone, including reinitiating the Departmental Salary Review and addressing standing meeting times in the Department of Medicine.  Working together as a group along with the Departmental leaders has and can continue to improve the environment to help everyone achieve their potential."

Jeanne Clark MD, MPH
Past TF Chair 2008-2012
Frederick Brancati, MD, Professor of Medicine
Division of General Internal Medicine

"My involvement in the Task Force marked a real turning point in my career.  Before then I had never considered that I might be able to be a leader in medicine.  Meeting strong, accomplished women leaders in the TF who were taking risks to improve gender equity for women and the workplace climate for everyone, was both inspiring and empowering, and directly influenced my professional choices and opportunities."

Cynthia Rand PhD
Past TF chair 1997-1999
Professor of Medicine
Associate Dean for Faculty at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

"The Task Force has created a more formal network with women faculty in other divisions, giving us an opportunity and safe place to share our common experiences and concerns. We can then come together as “the voice of the Task Force” to inform and develop department-wide programming to improve the culture and transparency in our divisions, increase leadership opportunities for women faculty and provide mentoring for fellows and junior faculty."

Wendy Bennett MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Division of General Internal Medicine

"The Task Force is the academic equivalent of Lilly Ledbetter – ensuring that women receive equal compensation and recognition for their contributions in medicine and science."

Lisa Christopher-Stine MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Division of Rheumatology
Co-Director, Johns Hopkins Mytosis Center