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The vision of JHU YinCMed is to create a multidisciplinary organization made up of students, recent alumni and trainees across Johns Hopkins University focused on progressing faculty-led innovation projects to achieve defined value inflection points.

We are seeking students, young alumni and trainees across Johns Hopkins University to participate in a number of innovative projects on an extracurricular basis.

Sample Representative Projects

Feasibility Analysis of Creating Hopkins-Centric Expert Network and Consultancy

Team needed to understand market demand, logistics and feasibility of creating expert consultancy for clients external to JHU

Understanding Market Demand and Viability of Novel Form of Narcotic Waste

Team needed pressure-test novel narcotics disposal polymer and assess business model for commercialization

Re-engineering the Hospital Experience Using New Hardware/Software

Team needed to understand use cases and business model for RFID-enabled hardware and software solution for patient-experience in the hospital setting

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