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Myron L. Weisfeldt Distinguished Visiting Professorship in Diversity

Each year the Department of Medicine invites a prominent  physician, scientist or national leader to be a Diversity Visiting Professor at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The Professorship includes opportunities for the department’s leadership to meet with the honoree and the minority faculty to discuss issues related to minorities in academic medicine. The honoree also meets with housestaff and fellows. One of the highlights of the visit is when the visiting Professor gives Medical Grand Rounds.

Past Visiting Professors

Dr. Carmen Guerra

Carmen Guerra, MD, MSCE, FACP - May 2021

University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Gail Kerr

Gail Kerr, MD - February 2019

Washington D.C. Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Howard University Hospital, Georgetown University

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Kristen Bibbings-Domingo

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, MD, PhD, MAS - April 2018

University of California, San Francisco

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Ivor Benjamin

Ivor Benjamin, MD, FAHA, FACC - April 2017

Medical College of Wisconsin

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Samuel Dagogo-Jack

Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD, MSc, FRCP - May 2016

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

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Clarence Braddock

Clarence H. Braddock III, MD, MPH, MACP - May 2015

University of California at Los Angeles

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Adaora Adimora

Adaora Adimora, MD, MPH - February 2014

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Alicia Fernandez

Alicia Fernandez, MD - February 2013

University of California at San Francisco

Keith Norris

Keith Norris, MD, PhD - January 2012

University of California at Los Angeles

Michael Debaun

Michael Debaun, MD, MPH - November 2010

Vanderbilt University 

Hannah Valantine

Hannah Valantine, MD - October 2009

Stanford University 

Esteban Gonzalez Burchard

Esteban González Burchard, MD, MPH - May 2008

University of California at San Francisco

David S. Wilkes

David S. Wilkes, MD, FACP - February 2007

Indiana University

Jackson Wright

Jackson Wright, MD, PhD, FACP - April 2006

Case Western Reserve University

Talmadge King, Jr.

Talmadge King, Jr., MD - February 2005

University of California at San Francisco

Giselle Corbie-Smith

Giselle Corbie-Smith, M.D., MSCR - December 2003

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Juanita L. Merchant

Juanita L. Merchant, M.D., Ph.D. - May 2003

University of Michigan