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Letter From the Director of Medicine

Mark Anderson

Johns Hopkins Medicine and the Department of Medicine have been a training ground for generations of leaders of academic medicine since the Department was founded by Osler and his students only 110 years ago. As such a training ground, I and my faculty know that this Department has a particularly important responsibility to see that the future leaders of academic medicine coming from Hopkins are diverse in terms of racial and ethnic background. Already this Department has substantial numbers of division chiefs, departmental leaders and professors who are women and from minority and otherwise disadvantaged groups. Yet there is much work to be done. We are determined to attract, train, mentor and support a diverse group of physicians and scientists at every stage in career development and leadership. This website is just one expression of that commitment. A visit to our institution and Department would show you more of the excellence and collegiality and openness that characterize Johns Hopkins today.


Dr. Mark Anderson's signature

Mark E. Anderson, MD, PhD
William Osler Professor of Medicine
Director, Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University
Physician-in-Chief, Johns Hopkins Hospital