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The council’s charter includes strategically addressing recruitment and retention by using the best practices that will assure that the department sets, monitors and reaches its goals. This means we will select and utilize the most effective and appropriate methods to identify, outreach to, recruit, retain and fundamentally value individuals of underrepresented racial, ethnic and other minority groups. This approach assumes that our culture or the daily ways in which we lead, guide, make decisions, evaluate and interact with each other will be examined.

The charter includes several kinds of functions and tasks:

  • Establishing a data-based approach to this work by both collecting and analyzing profile data as well as qualitative data to be used in future decision-making regarding the diversity profile of our department in comparison to its peers.

  • Setting goals, anticipated outcomes and measurements for the key parts of the Department vis a vis hiring of individuals of under-represented minority groups.

  • Assisting in recruitment including establishing a 4th year minority and/or disadvantaged student visiting clinical clerkship, etc. Participating in search process strategies for identifying and recruiting at the faculty level and in developing divisional incentives for hiring minority faculty.

  • Reviewing policies and procedures and informal practices across the department that affect recruitment and retention.

  • Providing information and education about diversity that relates to the department’s mission and effectiveness.

  • Recommending ways to strengthen retention by ensuring that needs and concerns of faculty and trainees are understood and met. Operationalize mentoring groups for minority and/or disadvantaged residents and fellows.