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Current Residents

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  • Amir Ameri

    "I was born in Boston and studied molecular biology at Yale University before completing a National Cancer Institute postbaccaulaureate fellowship in Dr. Kathleen Kelly’s lab, studying the role of EGR1 in prostate cancer bone metastasis. As a Howard Hughes Medical Insitute research fellow in Dr. Shawn Demehri’s lab at Harvard Medical School, I studied the mechanism of cancer initiation in chronic inflammation. I am interested in developing novel immunotherapeutic strategies for cancer prevention in high risk populations."

    Amir Ameri
  • Tom Boyle

    "I am originally from New Jersey. I studied biology and chemistry at Duke University, where I investigated the epigenetics of preterm labor. I attended medical school at the University of Miami and conducted clinical research focused on cardiac implantable electronic device complications. My clinical interests are general internal medicine and cardiology. I'm hoping to get involved in laboratory research focused on cardiac microvascular disease or machine learning for the detection of cardiovascular disease."

    Tom Boyle
  • Nick Mai

    "I studied organic chemistry at Princeton University with a focus on synthetic drug discovery. At Hopkins, I've worked on the development of liquid biopsies for the evaluation of recurrence in triple-negative breast cancer and on investigating clinical outcomes for radiotherapy of isolated metastases in oligoprogressive and oligometastatic lung cancer. I have a continued interest in novel target identification in cancer and in bridging the gaps between drug discovery of targeted therapies and modern clinical practice."

    Nick Mai
  • Peyton Nesmith

    "I completed my thesis research in Professor Kit Parker’s disease biophysics group in Harvard’s engineering school. My research focused on engineering materials, cells, and microenvironments in order to develop in vitro disease models of smooth, skeletal, and cardiac muscle. Moving forward, I have continued interest in patient-specific disease modeling as well applications of cell and tissue engineering for cell based therapies."

    Peyton Nesmith

Junior Assistant Residents

  • Kristi Briggs

    2019-2020 Lou and Nancy Grasmick Scholar
    "I grew up in Silver Spring, MD and studied bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania. I then went back south on I-95 to attend the University of Maryland MSTP. For my PhD thesis, I studied the cytoskeleton of circulating tumor cells in breast cancer. I plan to pursue a fellowship in gastroenterology and focus my research on gastrointestinal cancers. I am interested in the role of the microbiome in gastrointestinal cancers along with continuing to better understand circulating tumor cell biology or circulating tumor DNA as tumor biomarkers."
    Kristi Briggs
  • Daniel Haldar

    "I grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland and studied chemistry and chemical biology at Harvard College. I then earned my M.D. from Harvard Medical School in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology program. During medical school, I completed an American Society of Hematology fellowship year in the laboratory of Ben Ebert studying the molecular mechanism of lenalidomide. I plan to pursue an academic career in hematology-oncology centered on understanding the genetic complexity of hematologic malignancies with an eye toward developing novel therapeutic approaches."

    Daniel Haldar
  • Rohit Thummapalli

    "I was born in Miami and studied biochemistry at Yale University. I competed my MD at Harvard Medical School, where I was in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology (HST) program. At HMS, I studied glioblastoma epigenetics with Bradley Bernstein, and then did a Howard Hughes Medical Institute research year with David Barbie studying epigenetic regulation of noncoding elements and their roles in promoting response to immunotherapy in lung cancer. I plan to pursue oncology fellowship and am interested in a career in translational research and clinical trials in cancer immunotherapy."

    Rohit Thummapalli

Senior Assistant Residents

  • Elizabeth Carstens

    Elizabeth Carstens
  • Zachariah Foda

    2018-2019 Molina Scholar
    "I grew up on Long Island and after a four year journey to the wilderness of Dartmouth College, I returned to attend Stony Brook University for my MD and PhD. For my thesis, I worked with Markus Seeliger and focused on tyrosine kinase inhibitors--specifically how they interact with their targets on a molecular level and the implications of this on treatments. In the future, I plan to pursue a clinical fellowship in Gastroenterology and study precancerous lesions looking specifically for diagnostic or therapeutic targets that could help us deal with these lesions before they become cancer."
    Zachariah Foda
  • Michael Harper

    "I grew up in Williamsburg, Virginia and studied neuroscience at the College of William and Mary. I then completed a combined MD and PhD in immunology at the University of Colorado. I worked in the combined labs of Mario Santiago, Cara Wilson and Charles Dinarello studying interferon-mediated mechanisms of inhibition of HIV-1 infection. I plan to pursue a career in infectious diseases of global significance, by applying knowledge of the immune system to the development of diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines."

    Michael Harper
  • Jaclyn LoPiccolo

    Jaclyn LoPiccolo
  • Steven Steinway

    "I grew up in Florham Park, New Jersey and completed my MD and PhD as part of the Penn State MSTP. I completed my PhD in the labs of Tom Loughran and Reka Albert where I applied systems biology and network science approaches to predict optimal treatment strategies for cancer based upon the underlying molecular/genomic networks driving disease. My career goal is to work as a physician scientist focusing on data-driven approaches to rationally individualize treatment strategies."

    Steven Steinway
  • Daniel Zabransky

    2018-2019 Molina Scholar
    "I grew up in Manassas, Virginia and studied biology at the College of William and Mary before earning a MD and PhD from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. I worked in the lab of Dr. Ben Ho Park studying HER2 missense mutations and the use of HER2 inhibitors for treatment of HER2-mutated breast cancers. I plan to pursue a fellowship in oncology and continue studying cancer genetics and targeted therapies in my future career."
    Daniel Zabransky

Recent Graduates

  • Christopher Haas

    Hospitalist specialist at Medstar

    Christopher Haas
  • Karolina Maciag

    Infectious Diseases fellow at the University of Washington

    Karolina Maciag
  • Kevin Shenderov

    2018-2019 Molina Scholar
    Pulmonary and Critical Care fellow at Johns Hopkins Hospital
    Kevin Shenderov
  • Jessica Shay

    Gastroenterology fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital

    Jessica Shay
  • Jeffrey Patterson-Fortin

    Hematology/Oncology fellow at Dana Farber Cancer Institute

    Jeffrey Patterson-Fortin
  • Deepak Atri

    Cardiology fellow at Brigham and Women's Hospital

    Deepak Atri
  • Joe Murray

    Hematology/Oncology fellow at Johns Hopkins Hospital

    Joe Murray
  • Igor Makhlin

    Hematology/Oncology fellow at University of Pennsylvania

    Igor Makhlin
  • Laura Sena

    Hematology/Oncology fellow at Johns Hopkins Hospital

    Laura Sena
  • Sara Karaba

    Infectious Diseases fellow at Johns Hopkins Hospital

    Sara Karaba
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