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Urban Health Track Sample Schedule

The core internal medicine curriculum is governed by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) mandates. The curriculum for the UHT differs from the categorical programs in that it prioritizes ambulatory experiences, minimizes intensive care unit rotations, and shifts as many subspecialty care experiences to the outpatient setting as possible. The curriculum features the urban health rotations.

Sample Schedule

Note: All rotations in bold are Urban Health ambulatory rotations with dedicated primary care clinic time at EBMC.

BlockYear 1Year 2Year 3
1General Medicine Wards (the O)Primary Care GeriatricsGeneral Medicine Ward (supervising the O)
2GI Service/ Urban Community MedicineGeneral Medicine Wards (supervising Brancati)Correctional Medicine/ Ambulatory Elective
3Ambulatory Clinic at EBMC/ Healthcare for the HomelessOutpatient HIV & HCVHealth Department/ Ambulatory Elective
4General Medicine Wards (Brancati)MICU at Bayview/ CCU at BayviewMICU
5Fall Vacation/ MICUFall Vacation/ Ambulatory Clinic at EBMCFall Vacation/ Ambulatory Clinic at EBMC
6CCU/ OncologyAmbulatory ElectiveGeneral Medicine Ward (supervising the O)
7General Medicine Wards (the O)Inpatient HIV (Polk)Ambulatory Elective
Winter VacationWinter Vacation (6 days)Winter Vacation (6 days)Winter Vacation (6 days)
8Ambulatory Clinic at EBMC/ BMS FQHCAmbulatory Clinic at EBMC/ Adolescent MedicineED/ Night Admit
9General Medicine Ward (the O)GI Service (supervising) Inpatient/ Cardiology (PCCU)Ambulatory Elective
10Addiction MedicineAmbulatory ElectiveAmbulatory Clinic at EBMC
11Spring Vacation/ Ambulatory Clinic at EBMCSpring Vacation/ Inpatient Pulmonology (CJ)Spring Vacation/ Ambulatory Elective
12General Medicine Wards (the O)Ambulatory Elective/ EDCCU/ Ambulatory Elective
13PsychiatryAmbulatory Elective/ NeurologyGeneral Medicine Ward (supervising the O)

Schedule Details

  • Each rotation is 28 days long.
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers- either Baltimore Medical Systems or Health Care for the Homeless
  • Please note that the blocks do not take place in the order listed here
  • UH- Urban Health rotation
  • All Gen Med Wards take place at Johns Hopkins. All but two take place on your Firm
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