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Johns Hopkins Children's Center Liver Space App


Johns Hopkins Children's Center Liver Space App

A Facebook-integrated health app to inform members of online pediatric liver communities.


What is Liver Space?


Liver Space is a Facebook-integrated health app designed to support and inform members of online pediatric liver communities. Liver Space connects patients, caregivers and experts, and offers members the opportunity to take part in ongoing research.

Liver Space can be downloaded on your smartphone from the Apple and Android stores or from your desktop computer.

 Liver Space Features

Download text-only version.

How can I participate?

In order to sign up for Liver Space, you must have a personal Facebook account. If you want to use Liver Space on your smartphone, you must first download the latest version of the Facebook and Facebook Messenger app:

Once you sign up for Liver Space, you will be logged in to the application each time you access your personal Facebook page. You can check for updates such as new stories about your disease, responses to your posts and invitations for research.

Read more about the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Who would benefit?

Liver Space audience

Download text-only version.

For more information about which specific diseases are addressed in Liver Space, visit the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Liver Center.


Periodically, members will be invited to participate in brief surveys of approximately 25 to 30 questions in order to better understand issues related to pediatric liver disease. If you indicate (through the preferences in your profile) that you are interested in receiving these invitations, you will be provided with more information. After hearing more about the specific study, you can decide whether you would like to participate. Participation is always voluntary.

Apart from what is stored in the user profiles, the Liver Space team does not collect data on members for the purpose of research without their explicit permission.

Take our brief, anonymous transplant survey for young adults.

Meet the Team

Liver Space was developed by Douglas Mogul, M.D., M.P.H., and the Technology Innovation Center at The Johns Hopkins University.

Liver Space is a trademark of The Johns Hopkins University.