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Jong-Hee Lee, Ph.D.

Jong-Hee Lee

Jong-Hee Lee, Ph.D.

My research field is characterization of gene regulation and expression in M. tuberculosis. Gene expression is initiated by RNA polymerase binding to the promoter of target genes. Bacterial RNA polymerase is composed of a core enzyme and one of several different sigma factors. The sigma factor determines promoter specificity by recognizing and binding to the -10 sequence of the promoter. Thus, the investigation of sigma factor expression in Mycobacterium tuberculosis is important for understanding gene expression during infection. The adaptation of pathogenic bacteria to different environments is an essential feature of survival and pathogenicity. Bacteria are exposed to stresses such as nutrient limitation and antimicrobial products of the immune system during infection of the host. Mycobacteria can survive in macrophages, which represent a stringent and nutrient-deficient environment. To understand the changes in patterns of gene expression in response to environmental signals (nutrition, temperature, pH) in M. tuberculosis, the gene expression of sigma factors must be thoroughly investigated.

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The method of overexpression of the promoter region of alginate lyase gene from marine bacteria, Pseudomonas sp., in
E.coli : Korea patent No.10-1999-0021956