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Jonathan E. Golub, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology

Division of Infectious Diseases and Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dr. Golub

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My primary research interest is the epidemiology of tuberculosis, primarily in the context of HIV infection. I am currently a co-investigator on two large scale community randomized trials in Brazil. The first is the THRio study, part of the Bill & Melinda Gates funded CREATE consortium, which investigates the effectiveness of training HIV clinic staff to test and treat HIV-infected patients for latent tuberculosis infection. The second is investigating a large scale active case finding strategy for reducing TB incidence in rural and urban areas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am also a co-investigator of a longitudinal study in Johannesburg, South Africa following 1,000 HIV-infected patients.

Locally, I work with the Tuberculosis Epidemiologic Studies Consortium of the CDC investigating delays in diagnosis of TB and risk factors associated with TB mortality in the US. In addition, since 2005, I have been the primary instructor for the Epidemiologic Basis for Tuberculosis Control, a class developed and co-instructed with Professor Emeritus, Dr. George W. Comstock and Dr. Richard Chaisson. This course is conducted thrice-yearly, both in class and online as part of the distance education program at Johns Hopkins University. We have recently developed a course entitled, TB, HIV Programs and Critical Challenges in Global Tuberculosis Control. I have also developed a one-year training course for Brazilian HIV/TB clinicians and epidemiologists emphasizing methods in developing, implementing and analyzing epidemiologic studies. This course is in its fourth year and now includes over 30 Brazilian and South African participants. To complement this course, I have started a similar training course for researchers interested in AIDS-related malignancies in Brazil and South Africa.


To read some of these publications online, click here. Please note that to read the full text of some of these articles requires that you have an online subscription to the journal.

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