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Paul J. Converse, Ph.D.

Research Associate, Division of Infectious Diseases

Paul Converse, Ph.D.

My research interests concern the interface of the pathogens, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and M. ulcerans, with human and experimental animal hosts. Studies in tuberculosis concern pathogenesis following infection with wild-type and gene deletion mutants as well as the impact of the immune system on the response to chemotherapeutic agents. Additionally, I am involved in studying the efficacy of novel compounds and antibiotic regimens against M. tuberculosis in the mouse model and in human whole blood assays. Studies on M. ulcerans, the causative agent of Buruli ulcer, have focused on differential response to vaccination in different mouse strains and the evaluation of novel chemotherapy regimens in comparison with the WHO standard of rifampin and streptomycin.

Business Address:

Center for Tuberculosis Research
Dept. of Medicine, Div. of Infectious Diseases
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
1551 E. Jefferson St., Room 154
Baltimore, MD 21287
Tel: 410-502-8236
Fax: 410-614-8173
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To read some of these publications online, click here . Please note that to read the full text of some of these articles requires that you have an online subscription to the journal.

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