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How to Enroll in Hopkins CareLink

We invite you to enroll in Johns Hopkins CareLink so you may have Web access to your patients’ real-time medical records, test results and imaging reports, and receive email notification of your patients’ outpatient visits, hospital admissions and discharges. Once Johns Hopkins Medicine verifies your information and creates a user ID, you will have full access to the site. CareLink is free and online, with no software to install.

Enrolling in Johns Hopkins CareLink is easy. There are three ways to enroll: 

  • Follow the steps below to register online.
  • Contact the Epic Help Desk at 855-284-LINK (5465) and ask for help with CareLink.
  • Send an email to HopkinsCareLink@jhmi.eduOur team will walk you through the CareLink process from start to finish. 

For research study monitoring, please follow the enrollment instructions.

Step-by-Step Enrollment

Complete these steps to enroll in Carelink:

1.) Click to request new account.

2.) Begin by registering your office, referred to as a “site.” Select the Request access for a new site link.

a. If you have previously enrolled your office, you may skip this step.

site - request access for a new site

b. If you have to make any changes to your request, you must do so prior to submitting your request. Do not hit the back button if you need to edit your request. If you need to edit the site information, such as adding an address or editing the site’s name, click on Site in the ribbon bar across the top of the page.

New Account Request/Site/Users

3.) On the Site Information page, fill in your site’s name, if it has one (e.g., Practice Maryland), or you can use a descriptive name that best suits your needs (e.g., Dr. Link’s clinic). Next, fill in the phone number and email address.

a. We recommend that you provide the site type, fax number and address.
b. In the Comments section, please tell us about your practice, especially if some providers practice at Johns Hopkins facilities and/or someone has access to the Epic electronic medical record system.
c. After you have entered your site information, please click the Users button in the lower right hand corner to advance to the next screen.


4.) After you complete your Site Information page, you will be asked to request users for your site. The following types of users may be requested:

a. Provider – M.D., P.A., N.P., etc.
b. Clinical staff – RNs and MAs
c. Nonclinical staff – those who need to access patient care information, such as front desk or administrative staff

new account

5.) Requesting provider access:

a. Complete all required fields: name, work email (or the email address at which the user will want to receive system notifications), NPI number, license number and licensing state.
b. If the user does not want his or her address to match the site’s address from the request, unselect the Use site address checkbox and enter a different address.
c. If the user is associated with other providers for whom you are not requesting access but who work in your practice or clinic, enter those users here.
d. If you need to edit an individual user request, you can do so under the Users screen from the ribbon bar. Simply click on the user you need to update.

New Account Request/Site/Users: Add, Edit, Delete. Name: Test-Nurse, Test-Siteadmin. User Type: Clinical Staff, Non-Clinician

6.) Requesting clinical support staff access:

a. Complete all required fields: name, work email (or the email address at which the user will want to receive system notifications).

7.) Requesting nonclinical support staff access:

a. Complete all required fields: name, work email (or the email address at which the user will want to receive system notifications).

8.) Requesting site administrator access:

a. At the bottom of each screen is a field for identifying a site administrator.

site administrator

b. The site administrator will have additional security and responsibility within Johns Hopkins CareLink. These users will have the ability to reset user passwords, as well as deactivate users who no longer work at the practice. These users will also be responsible for validating their site’s users at least twice annually.
c. Each site must have at least one Site Administrator user.

9.) After you have requested your site and each user in your practice, complete the verification process. Please read and agree to the terms and conditions listed in the site agreement and verify your request:

a. You must access the Site Agreement and enter who is requesting user access before submitting your request.


b. Once you are on the Verification screen, you still can go back to the Site or User screen to make any necessary edits. Once you click the Submit Request button, however, the request is no longer editable.

New Accounty Request/Site/Users/Verification

10.) After you have verified your request, take note of the reference number in the header of the Confirmation screen.


11.) After you complete the enrollment process, CareLink will review the information you have submitted and forward a log-in name and password to you at the email address you have provided. The review process will take 3-5 days.

12.) If you have any questions regarding enrollment in CareLink, you may call the Epic Help Desk at 855-284-5465.

Thank you for enrolling in Johns Hopkins CareLink.