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Wilmer Eye Institute
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Emergency Services

Eye Emergency Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the Adult and Pediatric Emergency Departments to handle eye emergencies and trauma in patients of all ages, and is the designated Eye Trauma Service of the State of Maryland. Eye emergency services are staffed by a surgeon at all times and by physicians and nurses specifically trained to treat eye injuries. Sophisticated and specialized diagnostic services are immediately available, including MRI, CAT scans, ophthalmic photography, ophthalmic ultrasound, and an ocular microbiology laboratory.

Contact Information:

Referring physicians can access emergency personnel via the Hopkins Access Line:

Hopkins Access Line (HAL): 1-800-765-JHHS (5447)
*Only for use by healthcare practitioners in the Continental U.S.

In Baltimore: 410-955-9444


The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Adult and Pediatric Emergency Departments
1800 Orleans St.  
Baltimore, MD 21287