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Leica Ultracut UCT Ultramicrotome and Knifemaker

Leica Ultracut UCT and Ultracut S Ultramicrotomes and Knifemaker

  • This is the ideal instrument for thick and thin sectioning of plastic embedded tissues (epoxy, LR White, JB-4). 
    • Electronic controls allow for the saving and reuse of up to 5 sets of cutting speed-advance-return speed parameters.
    • Section counter and feed totalizer for serial sectioning and other applications in which depth information is useful
    • Superior lighting and ergonomics
  • You are responsible for providing your own glass and diamond knives and other related sectioning supplies.
  • The KMR Knifemaker is available for making glass knives from strips.
User at Leica Ultracut UCT Ultramicrotome and Knifemaker