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Wilmer Imaging and Microscopy Core: How to apply for use

Prospective users of the TEM, Confocal, Inverted Microscope, Ultramicrotome and Cryostat are required to apply for access prior to using the Facility. The Microscopy and Imaging Core Committee will review all user applications and determine how each PI will best be served by either providing training to potential heavy users for independent use or by providing fee for service work. Please understand that the application process does not automatically guarantee independent access.  Priority will be given to Wilmer and ENT NIH funded investigators, as this is our mission as an NIH funded Core Facility.  Key card access to the Confocal and TEM rooms and web-based equipment signup user accounts will granted to faculty and staff only once they are approved and trained by core staff.  The fee schedule for the current fiscal year is posted at LINK to user fee page.

Please complete the short application form addressing each item for each microscope of interest if requesting access to more than one. The application addresses the following information:

  • Who is the principle investigator and is the project NIH-funded?
  • Describe the project(s).
  • Is the project a "one shot" deal, such as collecting images for a manuscript or gathering pilot data to determine feasibility, or will there be projects on a recurrent basis?
  • Describe the expected number of samples and the duration of the project(s), indicating hours per week of use needed and projected endpoint.
  • What is the preference for use: to train for independent use, or to utilize our fee-for-service option?
  • List the names of the individual(s) expected to perform the hands on work. What level of prior experience do they have on the equipment of interest?  Will they need training? Have they taken the fluorescence and confocal microscopy course offered by Doug Murphy at the School of Medicine?

All users applications should be submitted to Mary Ellen Pease at  They will be reviewed by the MICF committee and the decision returned by email.