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Wilmer Eye Institute
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News and Publications

Dr. Josephine Owoeye on the Importance of Vision Screenings for Schoolchildren - 10/2/2015

Dr. Michael Repka Comments on Potential Link Between Outdoor Exercise and Prevention of Myopia in Children - 9/28/2015

Wilmer Science Seminar Series 2015-16 Speakers Announced - 9/17/2015 

Dr. Peter Gehlbach Receives Local Honors - 8/27/2015

Dr. Sheila West Receives ARVO Award - 8/27/2015

Dr. Michael Repka on Technology's Impact on Children's Vision - 8/10/2015

Dr. James Handa on Delivering the Promise of Medicine at Johns Hopkins - 7/21/2015

Wilmer Faculty Leading Efforts to Study Ebola's Impact on Survivors' Eye Health - 7/13/2015

Dr. Hendrik Scholl Receives ASRS Presidents' Retina Young Investigator Award - 7/13/2015

Wilmer Low Vision Researchers Discover Benefits of Yoga for Visually Impaired - 6/25/2015

Dr. Walter Stark and Dr. Justin Hanes Discuss the Potential of Nanoparticles to Prevent Cornea Transplant Rejection - 6/23/2015

Wilmer Eye Institute and Bayer HealthCare Announce Five-Year Research Collaboration - 6/16/2015

Dr. Pradeep Ramulu and Colleagues Study Rates of Glaucoma Treatments in Medicare Beneficiaries - 6/16/2015

Dr. Akrit Sodhi Receives RPB Award - 6/12/2015

Dr. Megan Collins, Dr. David Friedman and Research Colleagues Examine Link Between Vision and Learning in Baltimore City Schools - 5/27/2015

Dr. Akrit Sodhi and Colleagues Publish Study on New Way of Preventing Diabetes-Associated Blindness - 5/26/2015

Dr. Mary Beth Aronow Explains Phantom Eye Syndrome - 5/21/2015

Wilmer-KKESH Faculty Collaboration Receives ASCRS Award - 5/12/2015

Dr. Noriko Esumi Receives BrightFocus Foundation Award - 5/4/2015

Spotlight on Wilmer Research: Wilmer Research Meeting - 4/3/2015

Wilmer Faculty Member Timothy Friel Featured in ABC Nightline Story on Dangers of Texting While Driving - 3/26/2015

Wilmer's Center for Nanomedicine Discovers Promising Medication Option for Preventing Cornea Transplant Rejection - 3/12/2015

Wilmer Resident Receives ASCRS Foundation Award - 3/3/2015

Wilmer's Bel Air Office Voted Best Eye Care in Harford County - 3/2/2015

Dr. Akrit Sodhi Receives ASCI Award - 2/26/2015

Dr. Neil Bressler Helps Lead Discovery on Efficacy and Safety of Drugs Used to Treat Diabetic Macular Edema - 2/20/2015

Wilmer Faculty Members Akrit Sodhi, Debasish Sinha and Bonnielin Swenor Take Part in NAEVR/ARVO Advocacy Day - 2/6/2015

Wilmer's First Argus II Retinal Implant Patient Shares His Journey - 2/4/2015

Wilmer Faculty Publish Study on Google Glass Indirect Ophthalmoscopy - 2/3/2015

Dr. Richard Kolker Publishes E-Book for Ophthalmology Residents on Refraction and Prescribing Glasses - 1/6/2015

Dr. James Handa, Dr. Gislin Dagnelie and the Argus II Retinal Implant Featured on Washington, D.C.'s WUSA-9 - 12/22/2014

Wilmer Researchers Jennifer Elisseeff and Justin Hanes Named Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors - 12/16/2014

Listen to Dr. Judith Goldstein and IMT Patient Jim Hindman on The Diane Rehm Show - 12/9/2014

Wilmer's Columbia Office Voted Best Eye Care in Howard County - 12/5/2014

Dr. Neil Bressler Honored by AAO With Life Achievement Award - 10/28/2014

Dr. Fernando Arevalo Elected Leader of the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology - 10/23/2014

Dr. Judith Goldstein and Colleagues on Factors Contributing to Visual Ability Measures in Patients Seeking Low Vision Services - 10/23/2014

Dr. Neil Bressler Speaks at National Press Club Roundtable Discussion - 9/22/2014

Dr. Barry Blum Honored by SEED School of Maryland - 9/10/2014

Dr. Tiffany Chan Demonstrates Assistive Devices Available for Patients With Chronic Vision Impairment - 9/4/2014

Dr. Peter Campochiaro and Colleagues Identify New Target for Treatment of Abnormal Blood Vessel Leakage - 9/3/2014

Dr. Christopher Brady Awarded Retina Fellows Forum Research Award - 8/19/2014

Dr. Robert Massof Named 2015 Helen Keller Laureate - 8/1/2014

Dr. Sheila West on the Link Between Smoking and Eye Disease in Women - 7/23/2014

Dr. Pradeep Ramulu and Colleagues Study Relationship Between Vision Loss and Work Status - 7/18/2014

Wilmer Resident Receives Lindstrom Research Grant - 7/11/2014

Four Wilmer Researchers Receive BrightFocus Foundation Awards - 7/10/2014

Dr. Michael Repka Part of Team Researching Telemedicine and ROP - 6/27/2014

Dr. M. Valeria Canto-Soler and Colleagues Featured on WBAL-TV - 6/24/2014

Dr. M. Valeria Canto-Soler and Colleagues Use Human Stem Cells to Create Light-Sensitive Retina in a Dish - 6/10/2014

Dr. Neil Bressler to Speak on Diabetic Retinopathy at National Eye Health Summit and Webcast - 6/10/2014

Dr. Donald Zack Receives a Research to Prevent Blindness Nelson Trust Award for Retinitis Pigmentosa - 6/9/2014

Dr. Michael Boland Leads Study on Effectiveness of Automated Telecommunication-Based Reminders on Adherence to Glaucoma Medication Dosing - 6/4/2014

Dr. Christina Prescott Discusses Summer Eye Protection on Fox 45 News - 6/1/2014

Dr. Jonathan Song Discusses Treatment Options for Pediatric Cataracts - 5/23/2014

Johns Hopkins' Jordan Green Discusses His Work at Wilmer's Translational Tissue Engineering Center - 5/21/2014

Longtime Wilmer Employee Lillie Alston Honored by Hopkins - 5/19/2014

Dr. Richard Semba: Diets Rich in Antioxidant Resveratrol Fail to Reduce Deaths, Heart Disease or Cancer - 5/12/2014

Dr. Neil Miller Explains Eye Twitching in The Wall Street Journal - 5/12/2014

Dr. Hendrik Scholl Receives ARVO Award - 5/7/2014

Dr. Debasish Sinha Receives BrightFocus Foundation Award4/29/2014

Wilmer Board Chairman Dr. Sanford Greenberg Featured on PBS's Charlie Rose - 4/23/2014

Dr. David Guyton Awarded Parks Medal - 4/21/2014

Scenes From Wilmer's 25th Annual Research Meeting - 4/15/2014

Dr. Peter McDonnell and Dr. Fernando Arevalo Elected to AOI - 4/8/2014

Dr. Derek Welsbie Awarded the 2014 Shaffer Prize for Innovative Glaucoma Research - 2/11/2014

Alex Christoff Selected to Give Scobee Lecture - 1/29/2014

Dr. Hendrik Scholl Shares Thoughts on Gene Therapy for Retinal Diseases - 1/17/2014

Dr. Fernando Arevalo Named Ball Professor of Ophthalmology - 1/15/2014

Dr. Jeremy Nathans Receives RPB Research Award - 1/15/2014

Wilmer Researchers Discover Many People With Diabetes Lack Awareness of the Importance of Eye Care - 12/19/2013

Dr. Neil Bressler Discusses the Dangers of Toy Lasers on NBC Chicago - 12/12/2013

Dr. Esen Akpek Alerts Colleagues to Symptoms of Sjogren's Syndrome - 12/11/2013

Dr. Michael Grant and Colleagues Link High Volume With Lower Cost in Orbital Trauma Care - 12/3/2013

Dr. Susan Bressler Co-Authors Study on Home Monitoring of AMD Patients - 11/19/2013

Dr. Karen Dunlap Featured in The Baltimore Sun - 11/14/2013

KKESH Study Group Links Popular Laser Toys to Eye Damage - 11/13/2013

Dr. Yassine Daoud's Inspiring Story Chronicled in Johns Hopkins Gazette - 11/11/2013

Dr. Ava Bittner Receives NIH Grant for Research on Acupuncture Treatment - 11/8/2013

Dr. Neil Bressler Shares Expertise With Consumer Reports - 11/5/2013

Dr. Fernando Arevalo Publishes Book on Retinal Diseases - 10/29/2013

Dr. Hendrik Scholl, Dr. Sheila West and Dr. Robert Massof Publish Groundbreaking Book - 10/25/2013

Wilmer Cornea Fellow Allen Eghrari Wins Claes Dohlman Society Award - 10/25/2013

T. Boone Pickens Announces $20 Million Gift to the Wilmer Eye Institute - 10/17/2013

Wilmer and NIH Researchers Identify New Therapeutic Strategy for Eye Diseases - 10/4/2013

Wilmer's Dana Center Receives Hilton Foundation Grant - 9/16/2013

Dr Michael Repka Featured in The Washington Post - 9/10/2013

Dr. Fernando Arevalo Receives Retina Society Award - 9/3/2013

Dr. Peter Campochiaro Teams With Biomedical Engineering to Develop New Delivery Strategy for AMD Drugs - 8/19/2013

Dr. Harry Quigley Wins The Baltimore Sun's Best Garden Contest - 7/14/2013

Wilmer's Dr. Neil Bressler Named Editor of JAMA Ophthalmology - 7/12/2013

Dr. Oliver Schein, Dr. Judith Goldstein and IMT patient Jim Hindman featured on NBC Nightly News - 6/27/2013

Dr. Derek Welsbie Receives RPB Career Development Award - 6/18/2013

Dr. Albert Jun Authors Study on Possible Breakthrough Treatment for Fuchs Dystrophy - 6/18/2013

Dr. Pradeep Ramulu's Research on Vision Loss and Balance Published in JAMA Ophthalmology - 6/12/2013

Dr.Peter McDonnell Elected Board President of NAEVR/AEVR- 5/14/2013

Wilmer Researchers in the Spotlight - 4/17/2013

Wilmer Glaucoma Faculty Receive NIH Grant for Research on Falls - 4/15/2013

KKESH Research News, April 2013 - 4/15/2013

Wilmer Eye Institute Bethesda Opening Celebration - 4/11/2013

Implantable Telescope Lens to Treat Macular Degeneration Available at Wilmer - 3/21/2013

Dr. Hendrik Scholl to Direct Study on Stargardt Disease - 3/15/2013

Argus II Retinal Prosthesis Receives FDA Approval - 3/7/2013

Wilmer Opens New Location in Bethesda - 3/5/2013

Wilmer Professor Alfred Sommer Named Dan David Laureate - 2/15/2013

Wilmer Faculty Member Performs First Retinal Implant Surgery in Middle East - 2/8/2013

Wilmer Faculty Receive Honors Abroad - 2/6/2013

Wilmer Glaucoma Specialists on the Latest in Research and Patient Care - 1/16/2013

Dr. David Friedman's Research Links Vision Loss and Diabetes - 12/17/2012

Wilmer's Odenton Office Moves to a New Space - 12/5/2012

Wilmer Glaucoma Faculty Receive NIH Grant for Gene Research - 12/4/2012

Dr. Thorne Patient Honored for Fundraising Work - 12/3/2012

Dr. Boris Gramatikov Receives Research Award - 11/7/2012

Dr. Peter Campochiaro Honored by Macula Society - 11/6/2012

Dr. Neil Bressler's Research Offers Hope to Those With AMD - 10/2/2012

Dr. Robert Massof Honored by White House - 10/15/2012

Wilmer Faculty Members Receive AHAF Grants - 7/27/2012

Wilmer Celebrates New Locations in Harford County - 7/19/2012

Wilmer Professor Receives Alcon Award - 7/9/2012

Wilmer Hosts Saudi Hospital for Virtual Grand Rounds - 6/20/2012

Wilmer Surgeon Joins Face Transplant Team for Groundbreaking Procedure - 6/4/2012

Prosthetic Replacement of the Ocular Surface Ecosystem: Treatment Now Offered at Wilmer - 1/4/2012

Dedication of the Dr. Frieda Bambas Professorship in Ophthalmology - 12/1/2011

Wilmer Researchers Discover a Mutation in a Micro RNA, Called miR-184, Responsible for the Inherited EDICT Syndrome - 12/1/2011

Dr. Alfred Sommer Named the Recipient of the AAO's 2011 Laureate Recognition Award - 11/2/2011

Retina Symposium in Washington, D.C. - November 2011

Wilmer Residents Association at the American Academy of Ophthalmology - 10/22/2011

Dedication of the Glaucoma Center of Excellence - 10/7/2011

Art and Gardens at Hospitals: Wilmer's Robert H. and Clarice Smith Building Featured in The Baltimore Sun - 10/6/2011

Inflammation Gone Wild Can Lead To Macular Degeneration: A Breakthrough by Wilmer Researchers- 10/6/2011

Justin Hanes, Ph.D. Honored as the New Lewis J. Ort Professor and Director of the Center for Nanomedicine - August 2011

Study Estimates Potential for Ranibizumab Treatment to Prevent Blindness From Age-Related Macular Degeneration - 6/13/2011

Wilmer Residents Association Seventh Annual Clinical Meeting - 6/3/2011
Wilmer alumni, guest speakers, family and friends came together to pay tribute to the late Dr. W. Richard Green. Dr. Stephen J. Ryan presented the fifth annual Susruta Lecture with Dr. V.K. Raju.

Wilmer Legacy Society Spring Luncheon - 5/17/2011

Wilmer Congratulates Alfred Sommer, 2011 Ophthalmology Hall of Fame Inductee - 5/10/2011

The 22nd Annual Wilmer Research Meeting - 4/15/2011

Dr. Harry Quigley Awarded the Leslie Dana Medal - 4/09/2011

Deluxe Intraocular Lens Technology- Now Available at Wilmer - 3/01/2011

Wilmer Advisory Council Meeting- 10/21/2010
Thank you to the Wilmer Advisory Council for coming together for another successful annual meeting on October 21. Wilmer appreciates the Advisory Council and all that its members have done for us over the years.

Dedication of the David L. Guyton, M.D. and Feduniak Family Professorship - 10/21/2010
The many achievements of Michael X. Repka, M.D. were recognized and celebrated at the dedication of the David L. Guyton, M.D. and Feduniak Family Professorship of Ophthalmology on October 21.

Annual Academy of Ophthalmology Meeting in Chicago - 10/16/2010
Alumni of the Wilmer Eye Institute and special guests gathered together to mix and mingle at the Wilmer Residents Association Reception and 2010 Annual Academy of Ophthalmology Meeting.

Memorial Service to Honor Former Wilmer Director, Arnall Patz, M.D. - 10/8/2010
The Wilmer Eye Institute hosted a memorial service to honor the life of former director, Arnall Patz, M.D. on Friday, October 8.

Dedication of the Alfred Sommer Professorship of Ophthalmology and Installation of the Inaugural Recipient, David S. Friedman, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D. - 5/13/2010
The many achievements of Alfred Sommer, M.D., M.H.S. and David S. Friedman, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.

Dedication of the KKESH/Wilmer Professorship in International Ophthalmology and the Installation of the Inaugural Recipient, Ashley Behrens, M.D. - 4/21/2010
Wilmer welcomed special guests from Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington, DC

Wilmer Affiliation with Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) - 01/11/2010
The Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute of Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore (USA) announced today that it will collaborate in research, education and patient care with the King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

Mourning the Loss of Benefactor Robert H. Smith - 01/01/2010

Smith Building & Maurice Bendann Surgical Pavilion

The atrium of the Robert H. and Clarice Smith Building is named in honor of T. Boone Pickens, through a grant by The T. Booone Pickens Foundation.

More Events

Wilmer Residents Association Reception at AAO - 10/24/2009

Wilmer Eye Institute in the News

New techniques slow progress of age-related vision loss (CNN)


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