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Wilmer Assistant Chief of Service

Ian Han

The residency program has been at the heart of the Wilmer Eye Institute since its founding in 1925. The role of an Assistant Chief of Service (ACS)  is to help the residents reach their full potential as physicians. For the 2015 - 2016 academic year, the Institute is privileged to have Ian Han, M.D. serving in this role. Wilmer's residents are selected from a large applicant pool of over 400 of the best medical students in the country, and each has the potential to make a major contribution to Ophthalmology and Medicine.

At Wilmer, residents have the opportunities and resources to develop their careers, whether in research, clinical medicine, or surgery. Our residents go on to become worldwide leaders in Ophthalmology. Wilmer's ACS plays a critical role in mentoring, supervising and supporting these academic pursuits.

In addition to supervising resident trauma surgery, cataract surgery, and laser procedures, the ACS is the Associate Director of the Eye Trauma Center at the Wilmer Eye Institute. The ACS also examines overnight patients in the Johns Hopkins Hospital Emergency Room, at morning Chief Rounds, and during Inpatient Consult Rounds.

The ACS has several administrative tasks, such as sitting on planning and oversight committees, coordinating resident lectures, and scheduling the weekly Grand Rounds lectures at Wilmer. It is an extremely intense, busy, and demanding job, but the rewards are equally great.

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