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November 2014

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There are no Physical Medicine and Rehabilitaion Archives available past November, 2011.

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November 2014 articles:
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Current Classes
"Interinstitutional Assurance" Agreement (between Johns Hopkins and a company receiving an NIH research award)
Dean's Research Integrity Lectures
Funding from Foundations/Private Sources
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Explorations
Maryland Stem Cell Research Foundation (MSCRF) Funding Opportunities
Allen Distinguished Investigators (ADI) Program - Alzheimer's Disease 2015
Mallinckrodt Scholar Program
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) Funding Opportunities
Damon Runyon Clinical Investigator Award for 2015
Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program for 2015
American Asthma Foundation (AAF) Scholars Program
Young Investigator Grant for Probiotics Research Opportunity
NIH Policy: Foreign Components Added to a Grant to a Domestic or Foreign Organization

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