October 2013

Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
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1. Hu S, Feng Y, Henson B, Wang B, Huang X, Li M, Desai P, Zhu H. VirD - A virion display array for profiling functional membrane proteins. Anal Chem. 2013 Sep 3;85(17):8046?8054.
Key words: VirD; multi-pass membrane proteins, virions, protein microarrays, GPCR

2. Woodard CL, Goodwin CR, Wan J, Xia S, Hu J, Newman RH, Zhang J, Hayward SD, Qian J, Laterra J, Zhu H. Profiling the dynamics of a human phosphorylome reveals new components in HGF/c-Met signaling. PLoS One 2013 Sept 2; 8(9):e72671.
Key words: Phosphorylation, lysate, protein microarrays, c-Met, signal transduction

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