December 2012

Orthopaedic Surgery
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1. Dewan AK, Khanna AJ. Penetrating injuries to the spine. In: Anderson DG, Vaccaro AR (eds). Decision Making in Spinal Care. New York: Thieme, 2012:567-574.
Key words: spinal cord injuries
No PMID available

2. El Dafrawy MH, Riley LH. Cervical intervertebral disk arthroplasty. In: Anderson DG, Vaccaro AR (eds). Decision Making in Spinal Care. New York: Thieme, 2012:483-489.
Key words: disk arthoplasty
No PMID available

3. Khanna AJ, Kwon BK. Subaxial cervical spine injuries. In: Rao RD, Smuck M (eds). Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Spine 4. Rosemont (IL): American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 2012:221-233.
Key words: spine injuries
No PMID available

4. McElroy MJ, Sponseller PD, Dattilo JR, Thompson GH, Akbarnia BA, Shah SA, Snyder BD, Growing Spine Study Group. Growing rods for the treatment of scoliosis in children with cerebral palsy: a critical assessment. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2012;37(24):e1504-1510.
Key words: scoliosis , growing rods , cerebral palsy , complication , pelvic obliquity
PMID: 22926278

5. Skelley NW, Tanaka MJ, Skelley LM, LaPorte DM. Medical student musculoskeletal education: an institutional survey. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2012;94(19):e146(1-7).
Key words: musculoskeletal education, medical education, curriculum reform, medical student, orthopaedic
PMID: 23032597

6. Spiker AM, Dixit S, Cosgarea AJ. Triathlon: running injuries. Sports Med Arthrosc. 2012;20(4):206-213.
Key words: triathlon; running injuries; overuse injuries, stress fracture, iliotibial band syndrome, patellofemoral pain syndrome
PMID: 23147090

7. Zikria BA, Lee RJ, Petersen SA, Cosgarea AJ, Wilckens JH. Shoulder arthroscopy: basic concepts and fundamental procedures. Orthop Knowl Online. 2012;10(11):Available at
Accessed November 041, 2012.

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