February 2012

Increase in JHM IRB Review Fees

The JHM IRB bills for review of commercially funded studies with financial support in excess of $10,000. Unlike commercial IRBs, the JHM IRB charges for the initial review and annual continuing reviews and not for changes in research. The fees collected from reviewing commercial studies help fund the operating costs of the IRB. We do not charge for review of NIH and unsponsored studies.

To help offset the rising costs of clinical research and fund staffing for the increased number of studies under JHM IRB review, the review fees will be increased as of March 1, 2012. After reviewing fee structures at similar institutions conducting human subjects research, we have determined the new fees to be in line or below the national average.

The new fees are as follows:

Type of Review Initial Review Continuing Review
Convened $2500 $1250
Expedited $2000 $1000
Exempt $100 N/A

To ensure each department is treated fairly and to increase overall efficiency, we continue to require each department to specify a non-sponsored account for billing IRB review fees. All IRB review fees for principal investigators in that department will be billed against that account until it is determined that a study specific Internal Order number has been assigned to the reviewed study.

JHM Office of Human Subjects Research Restructuring

Barbara Starklauf, Assistant Dean of Human Subjects Research Compliance, retired from the institution as of December 31, 2011. As a result, the JHM Office of Human Subjects Research (OHSR) has been restructured as follows:

  • Judith Carrithers, who held the position of Director of Operations for the OHSR, became an Assistant Dean (effective 1/1/2012)
  • Barbara Scherer, who held the position of Associate IRB Manager, became the Director of Operations for the OHSR (effective 1/1/2012)
  • Sharon Hampp has assumed the new position of Director of Compliance for the OHSR (effective 12/5/2011)

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