February 2014

Funding from Foundations/Private Sources

JHU's Corporate and Foundation Relations maintains a Web site listing upcoming grant competitions that are sponsored by foundations and other private sources: http://jhuresearch.jhu.edu/OCFR.htm. They are in addition to the limited-submission RFPs periodically announced by the Research Projects Administration office. The opportunities are listed in order of deadline and links to each funder's application information are provided. Contact Karin Hunt (karinmhunt@jhu.edu) with any questions.

Applications Now Being Accepted for Clinical and Translational Neurofibromatosis Research

Early-career clinicians who have an interest in furthering neurofibromatosis research are invited to apply for the Francis S. Collins Scholars Program in Neurofibromatosis Clinical and Translational Research. The program provides two years of full salary support, stipends for research costs, tuition for relevant coursework, travel costs for scientific meetings and mentor stipends. The Francis S. Collins Scholars Program in Neurofibromatosis Clinical and Translational Research is named for Dr. Francis Collins in honor of his contribution to discovering the NF1 gene and advancing translational science globally. When altered, the NF1 gene leads to a high risk of tumor formation, particularly in the brain.

Applicants will be selected based on their commitment to treating neurofibromatosis, their career success to date, their ability to explore new ideas and their commitment to patient-centered research. This program is administered by the Neurofibromatosis Therapeutic Acceleration Program at Johns Hopkins, though selected applicants may complete their work anywhere they choose.

Applications are due February 10, 2014, for funding that starts July 1, 2014. For more information about the program and application guidelines, visit www.n-tap.org.

American Asthma Association

The American Asthma Foundation (AAF) supports highly innovative research from all fields relevant to asthma. We wish to draw outstanding investigators from other fields into the study of asthma, and most of our investigators are studying asthma for the first time. All grants will be to investigators who are within 10 years of their first independent faculty appointment. Recipients will be designated AAF Scholars.

AWARD AMOUNT: Up to $450,000 ($150,000 per year for up to 3 years.) Funds for institutional overhead are not provided.


START DATE: July 1, 2014


  • Scientists in the United States from any relevant field are eligible.
  • Initial independent faculty appointment should be on or after February 1, 2004.
  • Applicants should have an independent research program, with national-level, independent funding.

ORGANIZATION: The American Asthma Foundation is the largest private funder of asthma-related research, having awarded over $100 million to scientists since 2000.

MISSION: The AAF's mission is to improve treatments for, prevent, and find a cure for asthma by developing important new pathways of investigation in basic research regarding asthma.

REVIEW CRITERIA: Innovation, research proposal, relevance to asthma, investigator

NOTE: The application is short (maximum 7 pages). Preliminary data are not required.

FURTHER INFORMATION AT: http://americanasthmafoundation.org/

NIH-ORIP Shared Instrumentation Grant Program for 2014 - PAR-14-073

RESPONSE REQUESTED BY: Friday, February 14, 2014

The Office of Research Infrastructure Programs (ORIP) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced a call for applications from NIH-supported investigators for the purpose of purchasing or upgrading available instruments that are priced greater than $100k. The most amount of funding that can be requested from the Shared Instrument Grant Program is $600k (under the NIH S10 mechanism). Instruments that could be supported from this funding initiative include (but are not limited to) "confocal and electron microscopes, biomedical images, mass spectrometers, DNA sequencers, biosensors, cell-sorters, X-ray diffraction systems, and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers among others." These awards are for one year only and do not require cost sharing. Potential projects should have three or more Program Directors/Principal Investigators of NIH research grants with one of the following activity codes - P01, R01, U01, R35, R37, DP1 or DP2. NOTE: Multiple project directors or principal investigators are not allowed under the NIH S10 mechanism.

Although Johns Hopkins is not limited in the number of proposals it can submit, there should be no duplication in the type of equipment proposed. In order to avoid the possibility of any replication, interested candidates are asked to submit the following in sequence in one PDF to resapp@jhu.edu no later than Friday, February 14, 2014:

  • JHU Limited Submission Coversheet (visit http://jhuresearch.jhu.edu/funding-special-federal.htm#nih for a copy)
  • Brief project summary (one to two pages) which includes a list of all co-investigators
  • Statement of need for the equipment that includes the specifics of the instrument
  • Budget summary (one page) - Note: If the cost of equipment exceeds $600k, identify the source of funds to support the balance.
  • List of grants that will benefit from having the equipment
    Each project summary will be carefully reviewed. More detailed information about this program can be found at http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PAR-14-073.html.

Bay Area Lyme Foundation 'Emerging Leader Award'

This $100,000 grant from the Bay Area Lyme Foundation has just been announced. Important criteria include demonstrated professional and scientific leadership in the biomedical sciences, ability to execute, and a strong supporting scientific rationale for the project. The award recipient will be an emerging researcher who embodies the future of leadership in Lyme disease research and has identified a defined approach to improved diagnostics or therapies for Lyme disease. Applicants must be affiliated with an academic, research or industry organization. More details and an application can be found at The full criteria and application for this award can be found at http://www.bayarealyme.org/research/emerging-leader-award. Applications will be accepted from researchers throughout the United States through February 15, 2014.

2014 Open Application: The Damon Runyon Clinical Investigator Award

DEADLINE: Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reminder that the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation changed their application process for 2014 and no longer require institutional nominations. Please see their website for more details:

EMD Serono - Grant for Oncology Innovation

Deadline: March 15, 2014

Investigators leading innovative research projects that have the potential to advance the implementation of personalized treatment for solid tumors are invited to apply. Potential research topics which could be funded through the GOI include: Research on molecular biomarkers or new targeted treatments, technology platforms for the routine analysis of molecular biomarkers, side effect management and platforms or tools which allow patients to access individualized treatment.

A total grant of up to € 1,000,000 will be awarded to one or more selected projects.

Applications will be evaluated by a Scientific Steering Committee including internationally renowned oncologists and researchers against the following criteria:

  • Relevance to patient care
  • Innovative approach
  • Scientific impact
  • Feasibility
  • Relevance for the personalization of treatment

Visit http://www2.grantforoncologyinnovation.org/EMDSerono/about_the_grant/
for more details.

American Cancer Society - Research Scholar Grants/ Mentored training and Career Development Grants/ Research Professor Grants

Application deadline: April 1, 2014 Electronic/April 2, 2014 Paper

There are various grants available - for details see website: http://www.cancer.org/research/applyforaresearchgrant/granttypes/index

2015 HHMI Investigator Competition

Howard Hughes Medical Institute is pleased to announce a national competition for the appointment of outstanding scientists as HHMI investigators. This competition will enable HHMI to strengthen its community of basic researchers and physician scientists who bring innovative approaches to the study of biological problems through biomedical disciplines, including plant biology, as well as adjacent fields of evolutionary biology, biophysics, chemical biology, biomedical engineering, and computational biology.
From this competition, HHMI expects to appoint 20 to 25 new investigators who will be among the most creative and promising in the nation. HHMI investigators are expected to demonstrate a combination of the following attributes that distinguish them from other highly competent scientists in their field.

  • They identify and pursue significant biological questions in a rigorous and deep manner.
  • They push their chosen research field into new areas of inquiry, being consistently at its forefront.
  • They develop new tools and methods that enable creative experimental approaches to biological questions, bringing to bear, when necessary, concepts or techniques from other disciplines.
  • They forge links between basic biology and medicine.
  • They demonstrate great promise of future original and innovative contributions.

This investigator competition places no restrictions on the number of applications from any eligible institution. Researchers with faculty appointments will apply directly; prior institutional endorsement is not part of the application process. These appointments are highly selective. Those candidates with outstanding records who have shown evidence of significant originality and accomplishments are encouraged to apply. HHMI welcomes applications from women and members of minority groups that are under-represented in biomedical sciences.

For additional information regarding the HHMI Investigator Program and this competition please link to: www.hhmi.org/inv2015.


  • PhD and/or MD (or the equivalent).
  • Tenured or tenure-track position as an assistant professor or higher academic rank (or the equivalent) at an eligible U.S. institution. Federal government employees are not eligible.
  • More than 5, but no more than 15, years of post-training, professional experience. To meet this requirement, the applicant's professional appointment(s) must have begun no earlier than June 1, 1999, and no later than July 1, 2009.
  • Principal investigator on one or more active, national peer-reviewed research grants with a duration of at least three years, such as an NIH R01 grant, by June 3, 2014. Mentored awards, career development and training grants do not qualify. Multi-investigator grants may qualify.

Important Conditions:

  • Appointees become full-time employees of HHMI and are appointed for a five-year, renewable period.
  • HHMI investigators are required to devote at least 75% of their total effort to the direct conduct of biomedical research. Applicants with administrative responsibilities or other duties inconsistent with this time commitment may apply, but must reduce those other commitments to be appointed.
  • At the time of the submission deadline, applicants must hold a qualifying position at the institution where his or her HHMI appointment would be made. In addition, an investigator may not transfer to another institution during the first appointment term and retain his or her HHMI appointment.
  • addressed to sciencecomp@hhmi.org.

Application Process:
Establish eligibility and apply here: www.hhmi.org/research/application/comp2015

The deadline for applications is June 3, 2014, at 3:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time). All applications must be submitted electronically following instructions on the competition web site.

The application includes the following documents:

  • A curriculum vitae, including a complete bibliography and a list of current research support.
  • An overview of the applicant's most significant research achievements (not more than 250 words).
  • A summary of the applicant's ongoing and planned research program (not more than 3,000 words; references and up to one page of figures are not counted toward the 3,000-word limit).
  • A statement of how the applicant's research program would meet HHMI's expectations of an investigator (not more than 250 words).
  • PDF files of five selected publications that report the applicant's most important scientific contributions with a focus on the most recent five years, as well as a paragraph describing the significance of each publication.
  • Two reference letters will be required only from those selected as semifinalists.

Selection of Investigators
The HHMI review process will include evaluation of applications by distinguished scientists, leading to the selection of semifinalists by early 2015. Further review will include a symposium attended by HHMI scientific leadership and the final advisory panel, at which each semifinalist will make a brief research presentation. Finalists will be announced in the spring of 2015, with appointments as early as September 1, 2015. All applicants should mark their calendars for the April 13-14, 2015 symposium at HHMI's Janelia Farm Research Campus in Ashburn, Virginia. Those named as semifinalists will be required to attend and should plan to arrive on April 13.


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Funding from Foundations/Private Sources
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