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Web Standards and Guidelines

Johns Hopkins Medicine is committed to providing up-to-date information about our institutions and encourages the free exchange of ideas that help create a vibrant intellectual community. With this in mind, JHM Internet Strategy and Web Services was estabished to coordinate the many and varied Web resources now available to faculty and employees and to provide departments with resources to effectively present themselves and their enterprises online.

Brand and Use of Name

A strong Hopkins brand relies on repeated and consistent use of the brandmark. Departments and divisions should not create their own logo or other identifying mark, but embrace the one we have decided will unify all our departments, staff and faculty.

The official logos and the graphic standards guidebook can be downloaded at the Johns Hopkins Medicine Brand and Use of Name Website.

JHM Web Hosting Policy

All parts of Johns Hopkins Medicine interested in developing a Website or in significantly modifying their site should work through Internet Strategy and Web Services.
Read the Johns Hopkins Medicine Web Hosting Policy

The JHM Website ( etc.) currently includes both internally and externally managed sites. Internal sites managed by JHM Internet Strategy and Web Services are guaranteed to communicate JHM-approved information and follow approved templates, helping to ensure visual consistency and overall accuracy.

Externally-hosted sites, while often maintained by Hopkins personnel, are not monitored by JHM Internet Strategy and Web Services and JHM cannot bear responsibility for the content.

Domain Name Registration

Johns Hopkins Medicine Marketing and Communications manages all domain names for JHM entities.  Centers, labs, programs, faculty, and staff may not register domain names independently.  The domain name should be marketed for JHM programs and services.


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