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Important Information for US Family Health Plan Members taking Nexium

In response to recent Department of Defense changes relating to the prescription drug Nexium 40mg, effective July 5, 2011there will be new ways that our valued Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan members can receive their Nexium 40mg prescription.

If you or a family member are currently taking Nexium, we would like you to choose from the two convenient options outlined below:

  1. If you prefer  to receive Nexium from your local Rite Aid pharmacy you will need to change from your 40mg dosage to the 20mg strength Nexium, requiring you to take two pills  instead of one. There is no clinical difference between taking two 20mg or one 40mg Nexium;
  2. If you prefer to continue taking the 40mg prescription, you can now obtain this strength through home delivery or at Rite Aid at Wyman Park. If you choose to receive the prescription through home delivery, you can arrange to have your prescription automatically refilled when due by enrolling in Rite Aid’s Automated Courtesy Refill program. You can also arrange to have your other prescriptions filled through home delivery.

Under either option, the co-pays remain unchanged.

Members with a current prescription for Nexium recently received a letter outlining these options. If you did not receive a letter, or if you have any questions about this change, please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-808-7347. You may also contact Rite Aid directly at 1-855-239-2952 to select your option.


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