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Vision Services

Laser Vision Correction

The expert ophthalmic surgeons at the Wilmer Laser Vision Center at Green Spring Station can help you understand laser correction and its effects on your long-term vision health.

Your Healthy Living for USFHP courtesy discount includes:

  • Free evaluation to see whether you’re a candidate for laser vision correction
  • 20% credit applied to the cost of the procedure
  • Free postoperative checkups within two years of the original laser vision correction
  • Free enhancements up to two years after the original procedure

Prescription Eyewear

Opticians and optometrists with the Wilmer Optical Shops—at six locations in the greater Baltimore area—extend the high standards of Johns Hopkins’ world-renowned Wilmer Eye Institute. Wilmer offers a complete range of competitively priced frames, and Healthy Living for USFHP members receive a 20% discount on a complete set of eyeglasses.