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Health Education Programs and Classes Available

Classes are interactive and fun, and often include gifts and prizes! The programs are held year-round and are conveniently located within or near Johns Hopkins Community Physician sites throughout Maryland.

View our health education class schedule.

For more information on any of the programs below, please call: 1-800-957-9760, or email:


Pre-Diabetes & Me

Way to go kids

Way to Go Kids!
Child Weight Management Program

Healthy kids 101

Healthy Kids 101


Adult Weight Management Program

Fit over 50

Fit Over 50



Matters of the heart

Matters of the Heart

Sleep your way to better health

Sleep Your Way to Better Health

Sleep less, eat well

Sleep Less, Eat Well

Diabetes at work

Diabetes at Work

Better choices for a healthy me

Better Choices for a Healthy Me

Diabetes mapping program

Diabetes Conversation Mapping Program

Children's asthma education program

Children's Asthma Education Program

Heart to heart

Heart to Heart

The basics of COPD

The Basics of COPD