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Answer Center

We are pleased to announce a new feature on our Web site. We know you have questions about the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan—how it works, what to do, what not to do—and Customer Service has the answers. So we asked them to sponsor a regular column addressing the most popular topics. With each new season we will feature a new USFHP Customer Service Supervisor answering questions members have been asking.

Can't find the answer you were looking for? Visit our standard FAQ's page here.



Winter 2016

Q: Can you explain why my Son’s TRICARE Young Adult Prime coverage just increased to $306 per month?
Q: I recently read that TRICARE pharmacy copays are increasing on February 1, does that affect my copays with the US Family Health Plan?


Fall 2015

Q: I was curious, do I need to go to my primary care office for the flu shot?
Q: Does the US Family Health Plan offer any breast pump coverage?



ac_summer2015Summer 2015

Q: I was recently traveling out of state and became ill which required urgent care. They didn’t take my USFHP insurance so I had to pay at the time of service. What do I need to do in order for a reimbursement?
Q: My daughter recently turned 17 and we are wondering about how and when she should start seeing an adult primary care physician. Do you have any recommendations?


ac_Fall2014Spring 2015

Q: I understand you offer Health Education classes for people who would like to lose a few pounds. My problem is that I don’t have the time to go to the education classes. Does the US Family Health Plan offer other alternatives?
Q: I am 5 months along in my first pregnancy term and had questions about vaccinating my child. Can you tell me if you have any guidelines or information available regarding vaccinations?

ac_Fall2014Winter 2015

Q: I got sick while away last week on vacation. Sick enough that I went to an Urgent Care center. Does the US Family Health Plan cover that visit?
Q: I know that you offer 2 free dental cleanings a year, but are there other dental discounts offered by the Plan?


ac_Fall2014Fall 2014

Q: Does the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan offer dental insurance?
Q: How do I locate a dental provider?



Summer2014Summer 2014

Q: I am a long-time smoker looking to quit. Does the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan offer any programs for smokers seeking help to quit?
Q: I was curious about my health care choices. My spouse is an active duty service member, and we are both new to the area. I had heard that if I enroll with TRICARE Prime I would need to seek my care at a military installation. I then received a package in the mail about enrolling with the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan. I’m confused; can I enroll with Johns Hopkins and still receive my TRICARE Prime benefits?



Spring2014Spring 2014

Q: If I’m traveling this spring/summer and I get sick where do I go for care?
Q: Since joining the Plan I’ve started watching what I eat and exercising more. Does the US Family Health Plan offer any programs for eating and living a healthier lifestyle?



ac_winter2014Winter 2014

Q: I just adopted a baby and wanted to know what I needed to do in order to get her enrolled in the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan?
Q: I have a child that is going away to college. Can I keep them enrolled in the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan?


Fall 2013

Q: How do I report or express a possible concern regarding a privacy issue that happened at my physician’s office?
Q: I just noticed a premium increase in my billing for my US Family Health Plan. Did the cost go up?


Summer 2013

Q: Last month my husband called for an ambulance to be sent to our location after I was unconscious from a fall, but when they got here, I felt better and I didn’t end up going to the hospital. Will I be billed for this service?
Q: I’m not a member yet, but wanted to know about your hours of operation at the primary care sites?


Spring 2013

Q: What does it mean if my pharmacist says "prior authorization" is needed?
Q: Do some prescription drugs have additional requirements for coverage?



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