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Winter 2014 Q&As


Q: I just adopted a baby and wanted to know what I needed to do in order to get her enrolled in the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan?

A: You would first need to call DEERS (the Defense Enrollment and Eligibility Reporting System) and get her enrolled in their system. Once that is complete, your baby will be eligible to receive health care benefits with the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan.

Q: I have a child that is going away to college. Can I keep them enrolled in the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan?

A: In some case’s yes. If their college is near one of the other five USFHP service areas (Portland, ME / Boston, MA / Staten Island, NY / Houston, TX / Seattle, WA) they can remain in the US Family Health Plan. If they are not near any of the USFHP services area, they can do what is called a Split Enrollment and stay in TRICARE Prime, if available. Otherwise they would have TRICARE Standard while in college.