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Non-Directed Donation

Non-directed donors are everyday people who decide to make a difference in the life of a stranger by donating a kidney. When connected with incompatible, existing donor/recipient pairs, non-directed donors start a domino effect of kidney donations. The combination of non-directed donation and living donation can significantly lower the number of patients on the transplant waiting list. If you are interested in becoming a non-directed donor, call 410-614-9345 or register online.

Becoming a living kidney donor is a serious decision, with some risks, but many rewards. I couldn't get past the idea that the slim chance that this surgery might affect my quality of life was more than offset by the knowledge that my kidney might mean all the difference to some child who would have no life at all if I backed away.

John Temple, non-directed kidney donor

A domino effect of kidney exchanges can happen with just one non-directed donor.

A non-directed donor can set off a domino of kidney transplants.


Congratulations to the Kidney and Lung Programs

The Donation and Transplantation Community of Practice nationally recognized the Johns Hopkins kidney and lung transplant programs for their excellence in post-transplant survival rates, transplant rates, and mortality rates after being placed on the wait list. Congratulations!