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Liver Transplant Referral Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a transplant?

For most individuals, a gastroenterologist or primary care provider will advise you when you should be seen at a transplant center. Often times, they will refer you to a transplant center to get an opinion about whether a liver transplant is right for you. A referral is usually made for someone who has been diagnosed with some form of liver disease that has progressed to cirrhosis.

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Am I a Candidate for Liver Transplant?

Johns Hopkins transplant surgeon Andrew Cameron, MD discusses eligibility for a liver transplant, donor livers, patients' average age, and other transplant-determining factors.

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Does the Johns Hopkins Hospital take my insurance?

In order to receive a liver transplant at Johns Hopkins you must have adequate health insurance. Prior to being evaluated for transplantation, all patients will have their insurance verified by the transplant financial advocates. This process informs you and the transplant center of your insurance benefits related to transplantation and whether the Johns Hopkins Hospital is in network and accepts these benefits.

If the Johns Hopkins Hospital is out of network or your insurance company does not work with/contract with Hopkins, the transplant financial advocates will work with you to inform you of transplant centers who are in network.

Do you have a question regarding liver transplants at Johns Hopkins? Contact us for more information.