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Patient Information

  • Planning for Transplant – In addition to the medical aspects of transplantation, there are many administrative, logistical and financial points for which you should be prepared.
  • Transplant University – Candidates for live donor kidney transplant attend classes with their designated "Champion." Together, they learn how to find a kidney donor.
  • Transplant Experience  – The transplant process can be complicated and, for many individuals and their families, frightening. Learn what to expect – from your evaluation to your post-transplant checkups.
  • Patient Stories – Transplant patients share their experiences at the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center.
  • Patient Resources – A listing of Johns Hopkins resources and external resources for transplant patients and their families.
  • International and Out-of-State Patients – If you live abroad or outside of Maryland and are seeking a transplant here, contact Johns Hopkins International or Johns Hopkins USA to help make arrangements.
  • Request an Appointment – Looking to schedule an appointment? Call us or contact us for more information.