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Increasing Survival for Kidney Transplant Patients [Transcript]

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Dr. Robert Montgomery talks about a study that shows dramatic results for kidney transplant patients.
Dr. Robert Montgomery talks
about survival rates for kidney
transplant patients.
Watch the video

Featuring Robert Montgomery, Professor of Surgery, Chief of Division of Transplantation, Director of the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center

About 30,000 patients who are currently waiting for a kidney transplant are hard - are very hard to match. And we have come up with a protocol and demonstrated through this study that not only can we get those patients transplanted at a very high rate - in fact a rate of 98%, as opposed to less than 6% without the treatment - but they are twice as likely to be alive after eight years as similar patients who are not offered this therapy. So this is a really very significant breakthrough, and it really addresses one of the biggest problems in kidney transplantation right now. We think that using this protocol, we could transplant an additional 3,000 patients each year with a live donor kidney. That would be an increase of about 25% over the number of transplants that we are currently doing.

Read the full press release for information about the study.

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