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Hernia Surgery at Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins surgeons specialize in the treatment of a variety of types of hernias. Common hernias, such as inguinal hernias and incisional hernias, and complex or recurrent hernias, like paraesophageal hernias, ventral hernias or hiatal hernias can be treated successfully, sometimes with minimally invasive surgery techniques. Many patients are sent to Johns Hopkins surgeons for repair of hernias that have recurred.

There is an emphasis on performing minimally invasive surgery for appropriate cases, and we can often repair large hernias with small incisions and advance laparoscopic techniques. This usually leads to less pain after surgery and a faster recovery for the patient. Using a technique called component separation, if performed appropriately, we can decrease the rate of incisional hernia recurrence from 40 to 60 percent down to 20 percent, if performed with mesh reinforcement.

The doctors in the Johns Hopkins Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery Center specialize in the treatment of paraesophageal hernias and other complex upper gastrointestinal and esophageal conditions.

Learn more about hernias and your treatment options. 
Watch Dr. Hien Nguyen's videos on Battle of the Bulge: Common Hernias and Their Treatments and Hidden Hernias: Uncovering the Best Treatment for Women

Our Hernia Experts

Albert Chi, M.D.
Frederic Eckhauser, M.D.
David Efron, M.D.
John Harmon, M.D.
Kenzo Hirose, M.D.
Anne Lidor, M.D.
Thomas Magnuson, M.D.
Michael Marohn, M.D. 
Nathaniel McQuay, M.D.
Daniela Molena, M.D.
Hien Nguyen, M.D.
Bethany Sacks, M.D.
Diane Schwartz, M.D.
Michael Schweitzer, M.D.
Kimberley Steele, M.D.
Christopher Wolfgang, M.D.

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For an appointment with one of our specialists, call 443-997-1508.


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