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Non-U.S. Resident Financial Aid Application Process

Financial Aid Process
Financial Obligation
Memorandum of Understanding
Getting Started
Calculation of Award
Cost of Attendance
Disbursement Schedule
The "Unit Loan"
Loan Promissory Notes
Return of Funds Policy
Outside Awards
Summer Research Opportunity-SRO
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Communicating with the Financial Aid Office

Financial Aid Process

All financial assistance offered by the School of Medicine is based on financial need and availability of funds.  Merit scholarship funding is not available. The Office of Student Financial Aid administers federal, institutional and state funded programs.  Non-US resident students are not eligible for federal or state funds.  Therefore, consideration of loan and/or scholarship will be provided through institutional funding sources. 

As a student at a professional school, you are considered independent and must submit financial information about yourself and your spouse.  For scholarship and grant funds, you are required to submit parental information.  This policy is necessary to allocate our limited resources equitably to families with different financial situations.  This requirement of requesting parental information applies to all applicants, regardless of age or marital status.

Financial Obligation

As a non-US resident, the Admissions Office has advised you of the obligation to satisfy the School of Medicine’s  international medical student financial requirement, which is based upon the Johns Hopkins University SOM annual medical student budget.

As a result of change in policy, the process has been revised to require students to satisfy the financial obligation on an annual basis, as opposed to satisfying the obligation, upfront, for four years.  Students will continue to be required to validate that they have the financial resources required to meet the annual medical student budget.  Please see the cost of attendance below corresponding to your year in school to determine the annual requirement.  Students who apply and receive an offer of financial aid assistance will only be required to provide resources to cover the difference .  Example Year 1 Student:

                              Budget                         $74,282

                              Aid Offered                  $30,000

                              Balance                       $44,282 (Amount required to meet financial obligation)

To satisfy the annual financial requirement, you will need to provide a letter of guarantee signed by an authorized government authority (embassy official or other qualified individual), an irrevocable letter of credit, or cash deposited into a University account.  This process will need to be repeated and completed by July 1st during each year that the student is pursuing their medical studies.  Please note that the amount of the annual requirement is subject to change based upon tuition and fee increases. 

For more information on satisfying the annual financial obligation contact Clifton Williams, Associate Director of Finance at

Memorandum of Understanding

All matriculating students will be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure their understanding of the terms of the annual financial obligation.  The memorandum will also outline the change in enrollment status if the obligation is not satisfied and the annual requirement for financial aid reevaluation.  

Getting Started

To apply for financial aid assistance, students are required to complete the Need Access application each year to determine eligibility for both loan and scholarship funding.   In addition to completing the  Need Access application, you will be required to complete and submit the JHU International Student Financial Aid Supplemental Application.  

View the application instructions and additional forms below: 

Financial Aid Application Instructions

JHU International Student Financial Aid Supplemental Application  


New Students:

All new students are given a temporary ISIS ID. The temporary ISIS ID is a unique, 8 character, alphanumeric identifier that is used to authenticate prospective students who are new to online services.  To complete the authentication process, students must login to After authentication, students must login to   to view their financial aid record. A permanent ID will be given to all matriculating students beginning in June of the entering school year. 

New student special notice: Students who have not accepted their awards by June 1 will not have access to the ISIS system to accept their aid for two weeks while permanent ID’s are being created and distributed by the Registrar’s Office.

Existing Students:
You can access ISIS with your JHED login ID.  A JHED login (or "LID") is a unique alpha-numeric identifier for your information in the JHU Enterprise Directory. All students are automatically assigned a LID upon enrollment.  You can use your LID to gain remote access to a number of JHU services, such as financial aid, billing and registration.  It should not be confused with any numbers on your various ID cards.  Login to HTTPS://

For more detailed information about ISIS Self-Service, click here.

Calculation of Award

The information that you provided on your FAFSA and/or Need Access applications   determined the parental and student contributions that were used in the calculation of your financial aid award.  All students are required to contribute a percentage of their personal assets plus an additional $1,000 for first year students and $1,200 for second year students.

Total aid awards are based solely on demonstrated need” after factoring in family income, assets, household size, siblings/dependents/spouse attending college, and marital status.

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance (COA) for medical students is based on year in school.

MD1 -10 months                                 $72,330

MD2 -12 months                                 $76,678

MD3 -12 months                                 $76,558

MD4 -09 months                                 $68,936

Financial Aid cost of attendance (COA), or student budgets, are comprised of what is referred to as "direct educational costs", charged to all students, and "indirect costs" which are the projected living expense costs based on the student's year in school and program.  Student budgets are reviewed each year and are subject to change.  Students will receive their actual budgets when they receive their award notification. 

 Your cost of attendance is listed on your ISIS Self-Service record or you may click here to view the current Cost of Attendance for all years.

Disbursement Schedule

Your scholarship and loans will be credited directly to your student billing account in two equal installments, fall and spring semesters.  If your financial aid award exceeds the cost of tuition and fees for the term, you will be issued a refund check for the difference.   Click here to view the current disbursement schedule for the fall and spring semesters.

 Note: Disbursement dates are based on your year in school

The “Unit Loan”

The distribution of aid between scholarship and loans has been made according to the “unit loan” concept. The unit loan, or the level of need that must be exceeded before an applicant is granted scholarship funds, is $24,500.  All student awards are packaged with this minimum loan amount.  The amount of the unit loan in any year is determined by the estimated aggregate need of the entire pool of aid applicants and the total funds available for awarding.

Students not eligible for scholarship will be offered an additional $5,500 as part of their loan package.

Loan Promissory Notes

All students awarded university loans are required to complete a Master Promissory Note which outlines the requirements for accepting and repayment of the loan.  A separate promissory note is required for each loan received.  

Note: There is a three business day waiting period after the completion of the promissory note before loan funds are released for disbursement.


Scholarship awards are based on demonstrated financial “need” and the availability of allocated funds for the award year.  Scholarship awards are not guaranteed; therefore,   application for award consideration must be completed each year.

Through the commitment of Johns Hopkins Medicine International, scholarship funding is made available to help non-US resident international students with meeting some of their educational costs without the added burden of loan.

As part of the scholarship process, students are asked to write a one-page “thank you” letter to the donor of the scholarship acknowledging their support in helping the student.  Our donors would like to know about the recipient of the scholarships and the impact of such an award can make toward achieving their goals.

 The financial aid office will notify students when and to whom these letters are to be submitted.

Note: Scholarship funds will not be disbursed until a “thank you” letter is received.

For a description of the scholarship, students may select the scholarship name on the aid screen of their ISIS Self-Service account.

Return of Funds Policy

Students, who withdraw during a payment period or a period of enrollment, will have their financial aid award recalculated to determine if any funds should be returned to the fund for non-completion of the enrollment period. 

Therefore, any recipient who withdraws from the School of Medicine before completing 60% of the enrollment period (semester) will be required to return all or a portion of their financial aid award for the specific period of enrollment.  The calculation of the Return of Funds Policy may result in the student owing a balance to the School.  The student will be billed for any amount owed

Students are encouraged to notify the financial aid office immediately if there will be a change in their academic status to ensure their award will not be impacted.

Outside Awards

All students are required to report receipt of any external scholarship or loans to be used for the current award year to the Financial Aid Office.  External scholarship and external loans are awards offered to you that are not from The Johns Hopkins University and/or the School of Medicine.


Students who make a request for a Leave of Absence or Student in Residency status to the Dean of Student Affairs and/or the Registrar’s Office, and have received financial aid funding, must also notify the Financial Aid Office of this request for change in status.  As a result of the change, the student may be required to return funds and will be billed for any amount owed.  We ask that students inform the Financial Aid Office of their intentions to prevent any undue financial burden that may occur because of the change in status.

Summer Research Opportunity – SRO

First year, rising second year medical students that participate in the Summer Research Opportunity program will not be eligible for Federal Work-study as part of their financial aid award package.  Participating students will receive funding through the Student Affairs Office.   Funding for this work experience does not affect scholarship eligibility.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

As part of the financial aid process, students are required to show academic progress in their program of study.  The Financial Aid Office will monitor student’s progress on a yearly basis to determine continued financial aid funding eligibility.  You may view the financial aid website for complete requirements. 

Communicating with the Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office uses e-mail as the primary vehicle for individual communications with students.  As a result, you are expected to routinely monitor your JHMI e-mail account for important information impacting your financial aid.

Note: It is the responsibility of the student to forward all JHMI e-mail communications if they will be using an alternate e-mail address other than the JHMI e-mail address.

 In addition, the Financial Aid Office provides relevant information in the monthly newsletter. The Financial Aid Newsletter is sent to all medical students via e-mail and is available on the Financial Aid website.

Correspondence sent to incoming first year medical students will be sent to the e-mail address supplied at the time of admission.  After matriculation, only the JHMI e-mail account will be used to communicate information.

Inquires to the financial aid e-mail account ( are typically processed within 24-48 hours.  All mailed correspondence should be sent to:

                                                Student Financial Aid Services
                                                The Johns Hopkins University
                                                School of Medicine
                                                Reed Hall, Suite 427
                                                1620 McElderry Street
                                                Baltimore, MD 21205-1911

Should you have additional questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office via telephone, 410-955-1324, e-mail, or fax 410-614-3730.   


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