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Student Insurance Benefits

Legal Notices


Health Insurance

Medical Benefits at a Glance

Summary of Benefits for Fellows and Students

SHP Summary Plan Description (eff. 7/1/2014)

SPD Update  (eff. 5/15/2015)

Affidavit of Marriage/Same-sex Domestic Partnership Form

Termination of Marriage/Same-sex Domestic Partnership Form

SHP Waiver Form, including minimum requirements for alternative coverage


Dental Insurance (M.D., Masters and Ph.D. candidates only)

All students are required to enroll in the dental insurance plan through the School of Medicine. Spouses and dependent children are not eligible to enroll in this plan. Rates are subject to annual change.

Dental Insurance Benefit Guide


Disability Insurance (M.D. candidates only)

The School of Medicine provides a disability plan for all students enrolled as M.D. candidates. This coverage will provide benefits should a student develop a disability while enrolled as a student. This insurance is provided at no cost to the student.


Life Insurance (M.D. candidates only)

In January of the second year of the M.D. curriculum, the School of Medicine purchases a $100,000 term life insurance policy for each second year medical student. This policy remains in effect until the M.D. degree is awarded or until the student withdraws from the M.D. program. This insurance is provided at no cost to the student.

Student Life Insurance Policy




Updated 6/2015