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Why do you have sinuses?
There are several theories as to why human beings have sinuses.  See how the sinuses work. The theories include:

  1. Cushioning to protect the eyes and eye sockets, brain and nose.
  2. Providing balloon-like flotation within the head to help hold up a heavy skull
  3. To provide humidification for air breathed in through the nose
  4. To provide important for resonance for voice
  5. The sinuses manufacture and store mucous.

What is sinusitis?
Sinusitis is an infection of the sinuses. See Rhinosinusitis.

How much pain will I have after surgery?
Generally, sinus surgery patients have very little pain. Pain in each patient is variable. Your doctor will give you specific post-operative instructions, along with pain medication.

Will my nose be packed after surgery?
In most cases, the nose is not packed after surgery. However, if packing is required, they are usually small non-invasive packs.

Will sinus surgery change my external appearance?
No.  Sinus surgery is an internal surgery and will not change your external appearance.  However, if you have a septal deviation fixed, your nose may look different externally.

Will I have bruising?
The only surgical procedure performed by the surgeons at the Sinus Center that creates bruising is orbital decompression.

Will my nose bleed after surgery?
Depending on the type of surgery you have, your nose will bleed a little.

Where is the surgery performed?
Surgeries are performed at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Bayview Medical Center.

Where are the offices located?

I am seeking a second opinion. What should I bring?
You should bring all relevant past medical histories, as well as your most recent sinus CT.  A sinus MRI or X-ray will not be sufficient.  If you do not have a sinus CT, your doctor can order one for you.

How long should I expect to wait to see the doctor?
On average, our patients experience a one week waiting time to see one of our sinus specialists.

What kind of medical insurance do you accept?
We accept most medical insurance plans.



Baltimore Sinus Surgery and Sinus Treatments include
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Turbinate Reduction, Surgical Septoplasty, Revision Sinus Surgery, Orbital Decompression, CSF Leaks Closure, Tear Duct Surgery and Sinuplasty
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