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Work for the Simulation Center

Standardized Patient and Teaching Associate Employment Opportunities

Are you interested in becoming a Standardized Patient (SP), Genitourinary Teaching Associate (GTA) or Physical Exam Teaching Associate (PETA)?

Requirements A Standardized Patient or Teaching Associate must be a high school graduate and complete all requirements to become a casual employee of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. These requirements are completing a Johns Hopkins University online application, and passing a criminal background check, a drug test, a physical examination, and a TB test. The Simulation Center requires that employees sign a Consent and Non-disclosure Agreement regarding photography, videotaping, cases, and protocols.

Other information This employment offers no benefits other than workers’ compensation in the event the SP is injured on the job. There is also no guarantee of work beyond that agreed to on a single project basis.

Prospective SPs - The Simulation Center holds group interviews for prospective SPs on an as needed basis. We have been fortunate to have had a large amount of interest in our program. We are not able to employ all of the talented individuals who contact us. SPs work on a project basis, and may work a few times a year to a few times a month.

Email to be considered for the next group interview. Provide the following information in the email: 

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Description of the skills and experience you have related to the work, either in the body of the email or by attaching your resume.
  • Any other information that would assist us in selecting you for the group interview.

Prospective GTAs are required to view a video showing samples of the work prior to interviewing and participating in an orientation session.  Interviews are scheduled on an individual basis with Rose Zaeske, email:

PETAs are selected from the pool of SPs and GTAs.

Salary Information

Standardized Patients

SPs are paid $17.00 per hour for training and for their work for most projects. Some projects requiring more experience and skills are paid at a higher rate.


All training for GTAs will be paid at the rate of $17.00 per hour. The length of training depends on the individual and must include competently running through a session four times. Once training is completed there is a probationary rate of $40.00 per hour for the first ten teaching sessions performed with the approval of the Program Manager, then $50.00 per hour for subsequent teaching sessions for the 1st year. After staying active with the program for one year, the teaching rate goes up to $55/hr with the approval of the Program Manager. This hourly performance rate applies only to the time allotted for a teaching session.

Do not go directly to the Human Resource Department. Email