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Service Excellence... not just a good attitude;

it's a great one.

It's our culture.

Service Excellence at Johns Hopkins Medicine is a way of working, a way of interacting, and a way of thinking about our jobs as we work together with others.




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Jessie Grant

Jessie Grant


The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Regardless of the weather, day of the week, or month of the year, when you board the early morning or afternoon Church-Ashland shuttle you are greeted with a friendly hello and warm smile - every person, every day, every time! The person behind that welcoming greeting is Jesse Grant. Additionally, on certain stops, when the shuttle is obstructed by other buses, Jesse gets off with his route sign and holds it overhead so riders will not miss their shuttle. He waits for folks to cross streets and waves to walkers along his route. He also wishes every person a good day when they get off the bus too. Jesse’s consistent positive and pleasant demeanor makes my day every day. Thank you Jesse!

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