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Service Excellence... not just a good attitude;

it's a great one.

It's our culture.

Service Excellence at Johns Hopkins Medicine is a way of working, a way of interacting, and a way of thinking about our jobs as we work together with others.




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Sheila Manuel-Ascano

Sheila Manuel-Ascano

Nursing Administration,

The Johns Hopkins Hospital

I’d like to tell you about an outstanding employee by the name of Sheila Manuel-Ascano. Sheila is the International Nursing Programs Manager for Central Nursing Administration and The Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing. She frequently assists nurses arriving into the U.S. with a variety of tasks to help them with the transition.

In one instance, she helped a nurse from the Philippines, who arrived just before a snow storm, by taking her shopping for warm clothes and a winter coat. Sheila has also taken nurses to the Social Security Administration, the Board of Nursing, and on one occasion, even helped one nurse’s wife apply and register at the local college. She has ordered soup to be delivered to an ill nurse and has taken nurses grocery shopping. These are only a few examples of Sheila’s outstanding service and dedication.

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