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Advancements in Research

Researchers at Johns Hopkins are constantly advancing science through basic, translational and clinical investigations. Here are highlights of our most current findings.



Yeast, Optimized

Back in 2006, an animated discussion over coffee about the possibility of synthesizing the entire yeast genome led two researchers to get to work. Now, just over a decade later, they and collaborators around the globe have succeeded in designing an entire synthetic yeast genome — and have already built six of its chromosomes.

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Science: Out of the Box

Understanding Ubiquitin

Johns Hopkins biophysicist Cynthia Wolberger explains how the small protein ubiquitin regulates many events in the cell, including turning genes off and on.

Epigenetics: A Symphony of Discovery

Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Director, Bill Nelson, M.D., Ph.D., discusses epigenetics using musicians from the Peabody Institute.

Latest in Research

autism spelled in scrabble letters

Adults with Autism Overcome Childhood Language Challenges

In a small study of adults with autism, researchers showed that some language comprehension challenges that are a hallmark of the disorder in children aren’t a problem in adults. They processed unrelated words as well as adults without the disorder and their brains use distinct learning strategies to do so.

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