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Learning to Think Like a Clinician and Function Like a Startup

With its unique pedagogical approach, the Center for Bioengineering, Innovation and Design (CBID) master’s provides students with a 360 degree view of the biomedical device design process. By exposing students to every element of the design process in both high- and low-resource settings, CBID teaches students to be efficient and effective innovators.

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Eliminating Eye Drops

When it comes to applying medication into our eyes, the struggle is real – we miss the target and sometimes even scratch our eyes.  Peter McDonnell’s team aims to solve this problem by developing a better delivery method.

Ben Larman

Ben Larman on a New Method to Measure Gene Expression in Patient Tissues

Ben Larman is an assistant professor in the Department of Pathology, in the Division of Immunology. He spoke with Fundamentals about a new technique for analyzing the RNA content of human tissues.

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Blue DNA

A Different Kind of Lasso

LASSO is new technique that allows scientists to clone thousands of genes at once. This powerful technology could lead to more rapid discovery of new medicines. Learn more.

A No-Brainer?

Researchers report new evidence that the eye’s iris in many lower mammals directly senses light and causes the pupil to constrict without involving the brain. Learn more.

A Noteworthy Endeavor

The Johns Hopkins Center for Music and Medicine is an ambitious new interdisciplinary effort to investigate the powerful connections between music and healing. Read more.

Scientists Manipulate 'Signaling' Molecules to Control Cell Migration

Researchers discovered what makes cells move. This could, in the future, be used in manipulating and controlling deadly cells like cancer metastasis. Read more.


By tapping into the healing power of immune cells, Jennifer Elisseeff is taking the field of regenerative medicine in a whole new direction. Read more.