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Drug's Approval Marks a Milestone in Personalized Cancer Treatment

The FDA approval of a drug targeting tumors based on genetics rather than type marked a milestone in precision medicine. Research at Johns Hopkins and elsewhere suggests the drug can help 1 in 25 advanced cancer patients who would otherwise have little hope of treatment.

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Blocking Rogue Genes

Philip Cole discusses how his research group is synthesizing new molecules that can block the action of disease-causing genes. Their research can help in developing new cancer treatments.

Dung Le on the Hard Work Behind a Historic Drug Approval

Dung Le is an associate professor of oncology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and member of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute. She co-led a clinical trial that was instrumental in the Food and Drug Administration’s recent approval of the drug pembrolizumab to treat cancers based on their genetic characteristics.

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Reversing the Loss of Sight

A novel peptide and drug delivery system puts researchers closer to improving vision care for millions who suffer from degenerative retinal diseases.

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Nanoparticles May Improve Effectiveness of Cancer Immunotherapies

Scientists created a nanoparticle capable of simultaneously switching off cancer cells’ defensive properties while switching on a robust anticancer immune response

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Reservoirs of Latent HIV Can Grow Despite Effective Therapy

Although HIV can be controlled with therapy in most cases, the proliferation of such reservoirs pose a barrier to developing a cure for HIV.

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New Cellular Target May Halt Cancer's Ability to Spread

Researchers discovered a biochemical signaling process that causes cancer cells to break away from a tumor and spread the disease in the body.

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Flaws in Genetic Mending Kit of Cancer Drives Response to Immunotherapy

Results from a three-year clinical trial found that half of the patients respond to an immunotherapy drug called pembrolizuma. 

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