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Our medical faculty comes to our department with years of education and training, whether they are radiation oncologists, medical physicists, or researchers. Every one of them is dedicated to improving radiation therapy treatments and technologies in order to provide the most effective options to treat each patient’s disease.

Radiation oncologists

Radiation oncologists prescribe and develop treatment plans that are specific to each patient, oversee the precise delivery of the treatment, and are committed to clinical care and development of new patient clinical trials.

Medical physicists

Medical physicists work with the doctor to develop treatment plans and work with dosimetrists to make sure the treatment is safe and tailored ot the patients' needs. They also develop and monitor quality control plans for radiation equipment and procedures, ensuring patient safety and comfort.


Researchers develop studies to examine how radiation and medical physics can be made even more effective and better targeted to treat the cancer while leaving healthy tissue and organs unaffected. As their research moves to clinical trials that offer new hope, our patients can participate, supported by clinical trial nurses.

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Dr. Theodore DeWeese - The Sidney Kimmel Professor and Director of Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences
Dr. Irene Gage - Oncology Medical Director
Dr. Akila Viswanathan - Professor and Executive Vice Chair, and Director of National Captial Region
Dr. Moody Wharam - Professor of Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences

Clinical Faculty


Participate in a Clinical Trial

We enroll patients in clinical trials every day. Find out what’s available for you.

Apply for Training

We offer residency programs for radiation oncology and medical physics and a radiation therapy program for therapists. Get the details.

Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

The Center leads the world in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Read more.