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Robert Ivkov, PhD

Phone number: (443) 287-7282


Interests: Research interests include development, characterization, and use of nanomaterials to target cancer and to enhance the effectiveness of other therapies such as radiation.  A specific area of research includes the study and development of selective heating with magnetic nanoparticles.

Schools\degrees: University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada\ MSc; University of Maryland, College Park, MD\PhD

Journal citations (selected)

Ivkov R., DeNardo S. J., Daum W., Foreman A., Goldstein R., DeNardo G.L., Application of high amplitude alternating magnetic fields for heat induction of nanoparticles localized in cancer; Clin Cancer Res, 11:7093s-7103s (2005).

DeNardo, S. J., DeNardo G.L., Miers L. A., Natarajan, A., Adamson, G. N., Gruettner, C., Ivkov R., Development of tumor targeting bioprobes (111In-chimeric L6 monoclonal antibody nanoparticles) for alternating magnetic field cancer therapy; Clin. Cancer Res, 11:7087s-7092s (2005).

Norman A. I., Ivkov R., Forbes J. G., Greer S. C., The polymerization of actin:  structural changes from small angle neutron scattering;  J. Chem. Phys. 123(15): 154904 (2005).

Vorotnikova E., Ivkov R., Foreman A. R., Tries M., Braunhut S. J., The magnitude and time-dependence of the apoptotic response of normal and malignant cells subjected to ionizing radiation versus hyperthermia; Int. J. Rad. Biol. 82(8), 549-559 (2006).

DeNardo, S. J., DeNardo G.L., Natarajan, A., Miers L. A., Foreman A. R., Gruettner, C., Adamson, G. N., Ivkov R.; Thermal dosimetry predictive of efficacy of 111In-Ch L6 nanoparticle AMF induced therapy for human breast cancer in mice; J. Nucl. Med. 48(3), 437- 444 (2007) Cover.

Gruettner, C., Muller K., Teller J., Westphal F., Foreman A. R., Ivkov R.;  Synthesis and antibody conjugation of magnetic nanoparticles with improved specific power absorption rates for alternating magnetic field cancer therapy; J Magnetism and Magnetic Mat., 311, 181-186 (2007).

Dennis C. L., Jackson A. J., Borchers J. A., Ivkov R., Foreman A. R., Lau J. W., Goernitz E., Gruettner C.,  The influence of collective behavior on the magnetic and heating properties of iron oxide nanoparticles; J. Appl. Physics 103, 07A319 (2008).

Lehmann J., Natarajan A., DeNardo G. L., Ivkov R., Foreman A. R., Catapano C., Mirick G., Gruettner C., DeNardo S. J., Nanoparticle thermotherapy and external beam radiation therapy for human prostate cancer cells, Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals, 23, 265-271 (2008).

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Dennis C. L., Jackson A. J., Borchers J. A., Ivkov R., Foreman A. R., Hoopes, P. J., Strawbridge, R., Pierce, Z., Goernitz, E., Lau, J. W., Gruettner, C.; The influence of magnetic and physiological behavior on the effectiveness of iron oxide nanoparticles for hyperthermia, J. Phys. D: Applied Physics 41, 134020 (2008).

Dennis C. L., Jackson A. J., Borchers J. A., Hoopes P. J., Strawbridge R. R., Foreman A. R., van Lierop J., Grüttner C., Ivkov R.; Nearly complete regression of tumors via collective behavior of magnetic nanoparticles in hyperthermia; Nanotechnology, 20, 395103 (2009).

Krycka, K.L., Jackson, A.J., Borchers, J.A., Shih, J., Briber, R., Ivkov, R., Gruettner, C., Dennis, C.L.: Internal magnetic structure of dextran coated magnetite nanoparticles in solution using small angle neutron scattering with polarization analysis; J. Applied Phys., 109, 07B513 (2011).

Bordelon D.*, Cornejo C.*, Gruettner C., DeWeese T.L., Ivkov R., Magnetic nanoparticle heating efficiency reveals magneto-structural differences when characterized with a wide ranging and high amplitude alternating magnetic field; J. Applied Physics, 109, 124904 (2011).

V. Nemkov, R. Ruffini, R. Goldstein, J. Jackowski, T.L. DeWeese, R. Ivkov, Magnetic field generating inductor for cancer hyperthermia research, COMPEL, 30, 1626-1636 (2011).

Bordelon D.*, Goldstein R., Nemkov V., Kumar A., Jackowski J., DeWeese T.L., Ivkov R.; Modified solenoid coil that efficiently produces high amplitude AC magnetic fields with enhanced uniformity for biomedical applications; IEEE Trans. on Magnetics, in press.

A.J. Guistini, R. Ivkov, P.J. Hoopes; Magnetic nanoparticle biodistribution following intratumoral administration, Nanotechnology, in press.


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