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OACIS: Resources – Links

Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) electronic brochure. This electronic brochure is created by the Society of Critical Care Medicine for ICU patients and their families. This helpful information discusses the health problems often faced by patients after ICU, how patients and their family can deal with PICS, and potential clinical /specialist resources for patients and families experiencing PICS. There are other links and videos at the bottom of the electronic brochure that can serve as a resource to ICU patients and their families.

Post-Intensive Care Syndrome

  • Wikipedia entry on Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS)

  • Search a registry of clinical trials

  • ICU Delirium and Cognitive Impairment Study Group at Vanderbilt

  • ARDS Network

  • An international network that connects clinicians and researchers who are interested in early mobilization of intensive care patients.