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Our Researchers

Photo of Dr. Michael T. Crow, Ph.D.

Crow, Michael T., Ph.D.

Research Interests: Vascular biology, Cardiomyocyte apoptosis in lung disease, Gene expression, Hypoxia and oxidant stress in airways
Photo of Dr. Michelle Nuttall Eakin, M.A., Ph.D.

Eakin, Michelle Nuttall, M.A., Ph.D.

Research Interests: Asthma outcomes in inner-city children, Behavioral science and adherence
Photo of Dr. Jason Paul Kirkness, Ph.D.

Kirkness, Jason Paul, Ph.D.

Research Interests: Obstructive sleep apnea, Upper airway obstruction, Sleep Disorders, Nocturnal ventilation
Photo of Dr. Cynthia S. Rand, Ph.D.

Rand, Cynthia S., Ph.D.

Research Interests: Healthcare disparities, Asthma and COPD therapy adherence, Outcomes and quality of life
Photo of Dr. Kristin Alyce Riekert, Ph.D.

Riekert, Kristin Alyce, Ph.D.

Research Interests: Treatment adherence, Doctor-patient communication, Cystic fibrosis self-management among teens and adults, Health beliefs, Adolescent and young adult health, Communication and adherence in inner-city children
Photo of Dr. Hartmut Schneider, M.D., Ph.D.

Schneider, Hartmut, M.D., Ph.D.

Research Interests: Obstructive sleep apnea, Sleep related respiratory disorders
Photo of Dr. James S. K. Sham, Ph.D.

Sham, James S. K., Ph.D.

Research Interests: Local calcium signaling in the pulmonary arteries, Calcium regulation in chronic hypoxic pulmonary hypertension, TRP channels in pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells
Photo of Dr. Larissa Akimi Shimoda, Ph.D.

Shimoda, Larissa Akimi, Ph.D.

Research Interests: Pulmonary arterial responses to chronic hypoxia, Hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction, Oxidant-mediated lung injury
Photo of Dr. Elizabeth Wagner, Ph.D.

Wagner, Elizabeth, Ph.D.

Research Interests: Bronchial vascular proliferation and function, Angiogenesis in the lung, Airway vascular responses to lung distension
Photo of Dr. Jian Wang, M.D.

Wang, Jian, M.D.

Research Interests: Calcium pathways in hypoxic pulmonary hypertension, Calcium signaling in hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction, Acute pulmonary arterial responses to hypoxia
Photo of Dr. Charles M. Wiener, M.D.

Wiener, Charles M., M.D.

Research Interests: Clinical and translational research in ALS, Pulmonary hypertension outcomes


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