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Compulsive/Addictive Sexual Behaviors

Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit (SBCU)

Compulsive/addictive sexual behaviors are recurrent, intense, and distressing behaviors, and interfere with interpersonal and intimate relationships. These behaviors are often associated with anxiety, embarrassment, and shame. Both men and women suffer from compulsive sexual behavior.

Some out-of-control repetitive behaviors:

  • Masturbation    
  • Pornography    
  • Multiple anonymous partners    
  • Partner sexualization, objectification    
  • Sexual aversion    
  • Prostitution
  • Simultaneous or repeated sequential affairs
  • Strip clubs and adult bookstores
  • Unsafe sexual activity
  • Cyber sex, phone sex
Is a compulsive sexual behavior a problem in your life?
  • Do you or others who know you find that you are overly preoccupied or obsessed with sexual activity?
  • Do you feel guilty or ashamed about some of your sexual activity?
  • Do you find yourself constantly searching or scanning the environment for a potential sexual partner?
  • Do you obsessively use pornography, phone lines, or the Internet for sexual satisfaction?
  • Have you had numerous love relationships that are short-lived, intense, and unfulfilling?
  • Do you ever find yourself sexually obsessed with someone who is not interested in you or doesn't even know you?